22 November 2014

rocket's quote

"We get bored because it's a wide World out there and we see only the nest." - rvh

14 November 2014

pumpkin zombies LOL

Recalled back with this blogger's hypothesis (or isn't it a theory??) "Consciousness as source of Gravity" borne from discussion at a Physics chatroom (being a Physics enthusiast) that occurred year 2000, it had since then stirred waves from across the Physics Community. The Physics Community was never the same again after that.

Eventually, articles, books, peer reviews on Physics and Consciousness began to surface in the Science World by the mid 2000's. About a decade ago A Physics forum website from where this blogger posted many years back had its forumers discussing and eventually publishing a Physics book on Gravity and Consciousness. The Science forum website once had a rule that prohibited challenging Einstein's. This blogger inadvertently forgot the rule and by the time it got posted on a thread, it was too late and had already been discussed. The site administrator announced the temporary closure of the website, citing sponsorship withdrawal. Months later the website returned with new sponsorship. This blogger then checked on the forum rules that prohibited challenging Einstein's and found it deleted. The blogger's thread however, remained. Haha. A chatter who finally introduced himself as a Doctor-Physicist (a pleasant surprise), who turned out not just a scientist but does seminar for fellow scientists, expressed his thanks, curiously profusely, to this blogger in behalf of other chatters in the Science rooms being frequented. When asked, he recounted having able to befriend a brilliant individual who requested one-on-one seminar, turned he was the co-inventor of a lifesaving maneuver used Worldwide. After sharing this blogger's views shared at the Physics chat we frquented, to the co-inventor, the latter actually agreed and thus began a valuable friendship between them. Year 2014 and this civilization witnessed the rendition of what could be another Classic Sci-Fi masterpiece on its film industry, the movie Interstellar. The movie actually tackled the hypothesis (or theory??) in its plot.

However, after posting the hypothesis (or theory, duh) on a local Philippine social media page, there encountered amusingly arrogant, materialistic individuals but utterly ignorant of things BEYOND the material (with such products of a mainstream educational system, with due consideration to some dedicated teachers who were fellow seekers of Truth, makes one question what systematic manipulations had been committed to result such mediocrity in this part of the World). In our country such despicable attitudes are referred to as "utak talangka" or crab mentality (based on observation when crabs pull each other down in attempt to escape from a basket), the fugly green eyed monstrosity to pull down anything that stood against one's whimsy egotism, or arrogant ignorance. That got this blogger inspired to create this meme (also inspired from a popular alternative 80's music band "Smashing Pumpkins):


10 May 2010

my YELLOW WOLF joke compositions

My YELLOW WOLF joke compositions for the 2010 Philippine Elections, where many Filipinos were supposed to vote a candidate with zero accomplishment, except because he was the son of someone else:

YELLOW CRYING WOLF: (flaunts psychiatric test) Peke yan! peke talaga yan!! sabi nang peke yan!! 



YCW: That's a fake! that's a fake! that's really a fake!!
BSDC: Hey that's my line!

YCW: (twists face while munching some fruits from "relatives inc." surveys and still managing to pretend a grin) My yummy grapes aren't for sourgrapers. SARAP!

BSDC: Enngg... LEMONSITO yang ningunguya mo!

YCW: (SARAP means Delicious)
BSDC: Idio.... those were LEMONSITOS you're munching! (smaller local variety of lemons, somewhat sized like grapes)

YCW: My Kamag-anak Inc. say that my False Asia and SWStik surveys are credible!

BSDC: relatively speaking, wala kang credibility

YCW: Kamag-anak Inc. i.e. Relatives Inc. (referring to an election survey machinery that turned out to be co-owned by his relatives and stockholders from his political camp, False Asia and SWStik came from Pulse Asia and SWS, the name of said survey companies. SWStik came from the local slang switik, meaning a cheat)
BSDC: Relatively speaking, you ain't got credibility

after the FULLMOON fiasco:


BOY TURNED INTO VAN HELSING: Catnip bullet lang katapat mo!


BTVH: Takes only a catnip bullet to match you!
( The FULLMOON fiasco was a black propaganda text message brigade by the suspected yellow camp accusing about an attempt to rig the election machines by a very promising rival corrupting it with bogus CD's. except for one glitch that exposed them: the machines don't use CD's but flash drives)





BSDC: Hey, that's a contest for ZERO ACCOMPLISMENT!
(the yellow camp with its inept candidate who never passed a law as lawmaker for more than a decade, is presently holding the record as the dirtiest mudslinging camp in Philippine election history while portraying themselves as a supposedly clean, incorruptible, good-while-the-other-candidate-is-evil farce.)


18 December 2009

my amazing prediction about Davao being the so called "new Jerusalem"

This was actually my post on another
thread discussing about my blog 'Did ancient humanity originated from the foothills of Mt. Apo?!?

I have been contemplating....

based on my definitely unconventional research. in the ancient times when less advanced natives would definitely see the scientific technologies of today as "miracles" when transported to their space-time era, the ancient natives would then consider its highly advanced proponents as "gods," hence the creation of religions.

It was observed that, especially among ancient cities and locations, there existed grid patterns that correlate with each other such that these patterns would actually be 'visible' once viewed relative to the scope of the planet, or seen from above the heavens. Examples would be the ancient Sumerian cities, the alignment of Angkor Wat (highly considered to be the capital city of Sri-Vijayan empire in which our archipelago islands were once part of), Teotihuacan in Mexico and the pyramids of Egypt relative to star system Sirius, as well as the famous Nazca lines.

It would also be interesting to note that the huge platform in Jerusalem from where once stood Solomon's temple, and presently the Dome of the Rock, actually was very old and existed even before the biblical Hebrews invaded its original inhabitants. By definitely unconventional assumptions, this huge platform, in the same manner as the Ziggurats or pyramids had its own ancient mysterious functions, was said to be remnant of a (gasp) SPACEPORT!

The fame of Jerusalem may actually be due to its ancient importance as the SPACEPORT of the "gods' or Elohim!

There were rumors of Davao being the "new Jerusalem". in the light of my personal researches revealing the very important role of Davao that would definitely bring huge impact once revealed to the rest of Humanity (my research would definitely strengthen the Out of Sundaland theory as to the origin of Humanity), as well as certain, 'less mediocre' individuals such as amdg and others who saw the vision, and relative the coming future Technologies, this is my prediction:

I predict that in the coming brighter future, Davao, in the light of revelations from my personal quest as to its profound role in the hidden history of Humanity (that obviously the present mainstream pathetic colonial mentality-induced educational system in this country didn't do much part, yet) would be the next, not just internationaly, but interstellar and even intergalactic(!) Future cosmopolitan (there's more to what this means!) Capital of Humanity, its dubbing as the "new Jerusalem" by certain individuals would actually mean, in more understandable technological terms: our beloved Planet's NEW INTERGALACTIC SPACEPORT!

Yes! Yes! and lemme' predict it too, the spaceport may be practically located in, er, Sasa- Panacan area (chuckle)!

Remember that! And when it finally happens, remember who told you so, me!

24 November 2009

quote on Science and Human Phenomenon

my impromptu composition from a pinoyexchange thread :)

"Subjectivity is the issue, a claim about objectivity can easily be used as excuse for subjective purpose by the motive of so called adherents, as evidenced by machinations of materialistic ideologies.

Science in a philosophical viewpoint is far from subjective, rather it is relative to one's environment and of the Human phenomenon, being another facet of Truth.

Science not having detached to the Human Phenomenon is not far from the essence of its Truth, but nearer."

-Ric Vil Hori

12 July 2009

Mother Nature gave me a gift!

Today, Sunday, this afternoon after my illustration of a chick on a nest for our writers group's supplementary literary page was printed in a Davao newspaper, Mother Nature gave me a gift!

The awesome gift was just that, a newly fluttering chick I befriended that I perched right in my very hands! During those amazing, ethereal, infinite minutes, the chick allowed me to pick it up, it then flew somehow on my shoulder from which I perched it up again in my hands, and savored every second of these unforgettable moments!

We gazed at each other, me acting elated and overwhelmed, and it acting curious, and as the afternoon sky finally loomed overhead, my friend chick chirped excitedly as if to translate, "hey it's really gonna be late, and I really hav'ta go!" and off my little friend flew, as butterflies suddenly appeared and fluttered everywhere.

I'm gonna call my little feathery friend as Swswt! And haha, you have to whistle to pronounce it!

(I was listening to this music from a French internet radio station while blogging it, and even if I don't understand its lyrics, the language of music is universal and this did express the elation I felt during that awesome moment, so I decide to embed it too:)

Je te donne -Jean Jacques Goldman

14 January 2009


This is an excerpt from my sci-fi story eentitled Mates. It was published in a local daily (Sunstar Davao) last Sunday, 11 January courtesy of our writers' group advocating local literary works thru a one-page supplement named Dagmay. I intend to reveal the full story when I get to publish a small book compiling my other sci-fi compositions. It may also be found in http://dagmay.kom.ph. I re-edited this from the printed version:


They knew each other. From the moment they first laid eyes, he recognized her, and she him. Nothing would separate them; not even the war that had caused so much misery that brought their once magnificent civilization to its tragic downfall. Nothing would interfere with their bliss. They were soul mates.

Together with fellow human survivors in the escape fleet, they fled the havoc wrought by their nemesis, the Banac’ans. Their home planet had been pierced through its very core, causing its horrendous destruction. With it, the civilizations, the lives they once knew, the whole planet itself, vanished from the face of the galaxy.

Yet with the seething menace lurking in the vast shadows of space, the survivors could not tell when the enemy would strike again. Banac’an probes discovered their underground colony hidden in an obscure planet and a bloody skirmish ensued. Noble warriors sacrificed themselves and fought valiantly, desperately, just to buy the precious seconds that would allow their beloved kin to escape towards the starship carrier fleets and into the expanse of outer space.

The Leadership assigned her to the communications sector of an escort starship cruiser; he, in turn, commanded one of the enormous carriers with its precious cargo of civilian survivors. Though the war had momentarily separated them, both remained grateful that the other was yet alive. They waited for the time when peace would finally return, so that they might be reunited once again. But hope remained elusive. The overshadowing darkness of the conflict still asserted its presence over their diminutive existence.

The surviving fleet hid at a nearby solar system, positioning itself in between the aggregate belt of a ringed planet and a medium sized sun. The sudden enemy attack had left them ill-equipped to proceed with the original escape plan. They needed to amass enough energy to power a massive warp-space that could teleport the entire fleet. Already they had identified the coordinates of a distant star system, whose uncharted course could yet spell hope. With raw tachyon harvested from solar flares and hydrogen fuel from water accumulated from the ring aggregates, they hoped to recharge energies before the agile Banac’an probes could penetrate their lair.

Then, a Banac’an probe capable of penetrating their stealth defense systems came threateningly close. In a last ditch effort, they launched a paralyzing web over the unmanned craft and bombarded it with frequency scramblers. It was futile but might still gain them time to prepare for hurried teleportation. Experience had taught them that destroying the probe instead hastened the enemy’s arrival. But the probe activated its own self-destruct mechanism: reacting against the suppressing mesh, its internals triggered an ignition. The exploding probe appalled the survivors as they braced to fight the indomitable foe to the death.

First came the borers. Innumerable metal piercing abominations swarmed towards the fleet with swiftness capable of dodging the rapid shots of their defense turrets. Small enough to fit into passageways and air ducts, the borers were programmed to penetrate deep through a ship’s shield defense sector and annihilate any who stood their way.

With much damage and casualties, some of the ill-fated ships succumbed with their shield defenses, leaving them vulnerable and at the mercy, if there were any, of the vicious enemy. In their very eyes they saw the huge but unshielded starship carriers that nestled their brethren ravaged by ruthless attacks from enemy fighter crafts as Banac’an battleships delivered the final blow with powerful death rays

In the midst of the chaos she silently hoped that his ship survived the onslaught even as her fellow crew struggled to resist the overwhelming invasion. But that was not to be. The borers ultimately penetrated deep into his carrier and reached its shield sector. Death rays tore through the chambers of his ship. Inevitably, he signaled the alarm to abandon the carrier as crew and passengers scrambled towards available escape pods and vehicles.

The countdown to open warp-space commenced. It will be a race for survival for the accumulated but inadequate energy could only accommodate a portion of their fleet. But true to the ideals of their once glorious civilization, the survivors stood firm. In the midst of widespread destruction, demonstrations of nobility, heroism and sacrifice ruled over the tense atmosphere. For the last time, families and friends comforted and strengthened each other.

Over her wrist-held com-link he informed her that he had survived the destruction of his ship. With a hundred survivors, he managed to board an escape vehicle. They hoped to dock with the nearest intact ship but only debris seemed to surround them. He told her not to wait for him, that she must go on. He could only ask for her to survive, and nothing else.

All inter-ship communications abruptly stopped. All remaining energy had to go to the teleportation procedures. With deep heaviness in her heart she proceeded with the task assigned to her as their ship braced for hyperdrive.

At hyper speed, all the surviving and still functional battleships, cruisers, and carriers raced towards the warp-space portal. The survivors suddenly found themselves in another space; the distant stars shimmered, the deep darkness suddenly serene. A brief battle ensued as one of the enemy ships managed to trail behind them. It was promptly eliminated before the enemy could send the coordinates. Eerie calm again pervaded in the unfamiliar space.

She called to him from her com-link. No answer. She tried all means of communication that the ship technology could provide, but still no answer. She cried, and the survivors with her.

22 December 2008


I sometimes use the quote from my 'rocket's philosophy' that "Consciousness is the source of gravity."

But, from added observations and contemplations, I would like to add this, "But Consciousness wants out of it too."

I prefer to perceive the realm of Consciousness, as unbounded and from the realm of Pure Energy.

Consistently with my views, Consciousness manifests life, and Life is Pure Energy in its eloquent patterns.

01 October 2008

PURE ENERGY is the realm beyond...

Now I recall one of my 'rocket's Theory' on the boundary of space-time and the realm beyond it:

Think beyond the box, my perspective beyond all the physical manifestation of space-time whether above or below the planet and all the stars and galaxies that you see is ultimately curved and bounded in this space-time fabric. I believe the Realm that extend beyond the boundaries of this space-time, is PURE ENERGY. It is with this PURE ENERGY that I perceive causes the vortices within the core of each and every object, from the tiniest atom to the largest galaxy found in the universe, and it is within this core that Gravity manifests.

I posted it on the thread that I opened up at a local Davao-based website:

These Future technologies will soon exist

25 September 2008

these Future technologies will soon exist

Here are links shared to me by my inventor friend. His ideas are similar with the devices featured here:

No-Fuel Magnetic Motor

Gravity defying Machine

30 August 2008

my paintings

Here are some of my paintings.

Glimpse of Apo Cliffs

Mountain Path (Mt. Apo)

Like River it Flows

River Ballad

30 July 2008

observing children

Here's my observation on the phenomenon of Human resilience:

"Children like to play among ruins."
- Ric Vil Hori