31 May 2007

beer chat

I had this interesting chat at a politics room last night. An Iraqi was with us regs and it elicited much curiosity. I did find him to be a courteous, civilized and smart individual, even when he said he recently purchased some guns for protection amid the bleak reality occuring in his city. It gave us a peek into the interior life of his tragically wartorn country. He said Saddam was a pain for his countrymen, but the doings of that Bush was far worse for them. He also cited his analysis on the looming US-Iran war, and had us pondering that such a scenario may indeed be a disaster for America, or rather for Bush & Co., virtually threatening to severe its shaky grip to the whole of Middle East.

However, as our conversation proceeded, a nasty voice chatter with a wacky twang kept butting in whenever the Iraqi guy spoke with his precarious english and threatening to turn what otherwise could have been a sensible conversation, into a highly tense circus. The guy relentlessly pestered the Iraqi's pole-vaulting effort of the english language and trip it over to land down under. The other chatters by now were threatening to pulverize the twangy chatter into smithereens, particularly for his witless contribution.

I decided to silence the nemesis. Hey, since you're an Aussie I wonder how many bottles of beer you could guzzle out. Oi, he could gobble up to 8 glasses of wine. Wine? that's docile, and I was asking for just beer, not those hard drinks. Anyway, I bet you have quality beer in your country, half-expecting he'd mention an excellent Australian variety. Sure, his favorite brand was imported from Mexico. Have you heard about our local (names the brand)? Nah, haven't heard of it, which to his swifty conclusion is definitely not of good quality. But ours is of good quality, I insisted. Nope, it pales to compare with his favorite Mexican import. But hey, our local beer is good such that whenever we drink it, it makes us smarter; I wonder about yours...
Silence...then his last words before sobering back to chat: He's good.