31 August 2007

my 'rocket's quote'

Here's another phrase composition inspired by the previous post. I think I'm gonna call them my 'rocket's quotes' (I used to go to a physics chatroom using my 'rocket' username):

"A great idea is something one plucks out from nothing to make it everything." - Ric Vil Hori

If one is able to do that, he captures the entire universe....because, as William Blakes puts it, he starts seeing a universe in a grain of sand...

27 August 2007


"Nothing is as powerful as an idea whose time has come” -Victor Hugo

When the revolutionary idea is in its moment, it will be like a huge wave approaching a shore that can do nothing but wait. Detractors may haul diatribes against its source, but the better they can do is to save obsolete paradigms that wished to remain boxed in- against ideas that rare to soar.
The table is turned. The wave approaches, it need not defend itself from confrontation, but by all means those confronting it must.

I posted what I termed as my 'rocket's theory' (because my username is nicked with 'rocket' at chatrooms and forums when advocating my ideas) "Consciousness is the source of gravity" on distinct forums. On the other side is an international forum (usually folks from the west) that I posted years ago, and then lately on a local (Philippines) forum.

The different reactions I have noticed may be summed up to this:

Other side: They don't argue about obvious statements. Having done that, I eventually discovered that some of the forumers created a project on publishing book about the relationship of Consciousness and Physics.

Local side: Not only did they argue, they didn't even notice the obvious (!). And some of them are still at it, looking for preys to feed their ego.

At least there are those who were there to listen and soothe me from the battle wounds. I'd say these to be one of those great moments to remember with such brilliant, unsung heroes in my life. My inventor friend from a small European country whom I met at the internet not only agreed with the eccentricities of some of my ideas, he even expands it! Then, a fellow science chat reg IM'd me and invited me back to the chatroom. He is a doctor-physicist. He told me he met a highly influential doctor-mechanical engineer who co-invented a life saving maneuver that had saved countless lives in this world. He said he had been talking precious time with the person with topics ranging from Consciousness to gravity to AI and other stuffs that remind me of things we had discussed in chatrooms. Then, in the presence of fellow chatters, he profusely thanked me for ideas I have shared, even mentioning the names of the chatrooms I had once frequented (until some fascist sponsored hackers attacked it. No they cannot stop us, even in diaspora we will spread the awakening). Priceless.

I guess our real friends and families are those who listen to us, and perceive the profoundness of who we really are within, more than the surface that the outside thought us to be.