22 December 2008


I sometimes use the quote from my 'rocket's philosophy' that "Consciousness is the source of gravity."

But, from added observations and contemplations, I would like to add this, "But Consciousness wants out of it too."

I prefer to perceive the realm of Consciousness, as unbounded and from the realm of Pure Energy.

Consistently with my views, Consciousness manifests life, and Life is Pure Energy in its eloquent patterns.

01 October 2008

PURE ENERGY is the realm beyond...

Now I recall one of my 'rocket's Theory' on the boundary of space-time and the realm beyond it:

Think beyond the box, my perspective beyond all the physical manifestation of space-time whether above or below the planet and all the stars and galaxies that you see is ultimately curved and bounded in this space-time fabric. I believe the Realm that extend beyond the boundaries of this space-time, is PURE ENERGY. It is with this PURE ENERGY that I perceive causes the vortices within the core of each and every object, from the tiniest atom to the largest galaxy found in the universe, and it is within this core that Gravity manifests.

I posted it on the thread that I opened up at a local Davao-based website:

These Future technologies will soon exist

25 September 2008

these Future technologies will soon exist

Here are links shared to me by my inventor friend. His ideas are similar with the devices featured here:

No-Fuel Magnetic Motor

Gravity defying Machine

30 August 2008

my paintings

Here are some of my paintings.

Glimpse of Apo Cliffs

Mountain Path (Mt. Apo)

Like River it Flows

River Ballad

30 July 2008

observing children

Here's my observation on the phenomenon of Human resilience:

"Children like to play among ruins."
- Ric Vil Hori

03 July 2008


"The measure of how deep one probes the past will determine how high one aims for the future."

-Ric Vil Hori

29 June 2008

My comment to a discussion at pinoyexchange regarding a supposed phenomenon beyond this planet that may occur as 2012 approaches:

Being skeptical may be beneficial, but it remains to be seen whether one has enough discernment when amidst the hoaxes, the fragility of the truth would be noticed and preserved when the valuable moment finally comes. In this case, especially in this country with a naive people subliminally manipulated to servitude of their foreign masters seen or otherwise, so obviously glaring by name of country itself yet they do not even notice it, the lack of discernment could result to destroying and loosing certain fragile truths that such damage may be tragically wasted like pearl thrown to pig stye.

The issue does not rely whether you or I believed it or not when such mysteries in universe will always exist and extend and it will always be there in the great vastness that starkly contrasts myopic, narrowminded opinions like tiny irrelevant speck.

The issue is how one replies to the vastness of the yet to be seen, whether to be humbled, be discerning, vigilant, keeping an open mind, willing to learn in contrast to reactions that are closeminded so blinded by pathetic arrogance that amplify a hollow degree of contemptous ignorance.


20 June 2008

my new quote

I composed a new quote today:

"Those who insist on seeking outside never found it inside."

- Ric Vil Hori

The insight came from my obervation of bigots.

10 June 2008


I created another blogsite called 'Maharlikan' with a nice caption about 'freeing oneself from national mediocrity.'

Posted will be my musings, research and frustration at the state of cultural and historical drought of otherwise valuable sources of inspiration that any self-respecting country should have done.

It continually amuses that with a population of more than 70 million, that majority seemed naive and unaffected that the country was obviously named to continually condition the Filipino psyche that they remain in colonial bondage with a foreign authority. And they wonder why this country is so messed up.

Maharlika means a free person.

26 May 2008

new Dagmay website

Davao Writers Guild co-member Dominique recently created a website for our Dagmay literary project:


My works may be viewed at the 'Index of Authors' link.

Here is Dom's blogsite "Sketches of a village idiot savant."

Thanks Dom!

18 May 2008


Last April, I co-edited the Dagmay issues, a literary project sponsored by our local group, the Davao Writers Guild in coordination with the National Commission for Culture and the Arts and Sunstar Davao, a local daily newspaper in the city. The project encourages local writers to submit their works and have it published in the weekly one-page Sunday supplement.

I also did some of the illustrations.

15 May 2008

perceived threat to China's materialistic communist regime

It is intriguing that unlike the other communist states in the West, Communist China had managed to survive the tides of change. I surmised the crucial factor that caused the crumbling down of Western Communism was generally due to its materialistic based ideology. Materialism may be a practical tool, but I believe that elevating it into an institution would be an error.

However, witnessing the atrocities committed by a materialistic government against the peaceful, noble people of Tibet only managed to expose its flaws. Tibetan history and culture, and its profoundly philosophical belief system spanning for centuries was firmed indomitable enough against threats implemented by an outside force and attempts at 'reimmersing' the Tibetan people. Like the Chinese culture, The Tibetan legacy withstood impressively for many centuries. The materialistc Chinese regime, which seemed to treat these noble souls of a noble country as if mere commodities and statistics for the communist machinery, only began in the early part of the 20th century.

Materialistic communism in China may have managed to hold on despite the collapse of its counterparts in the West, but I analyze that there is, after all, a challenge strong enough to crumble one of the last bastions of materialistic ideology, for even this regime perceived it as the threat to its pedestal.

The challenge shall be with Tibet. Tibet is a worthy catalyst for China to free itself from the bondage of a materialistic ideology and for China to once again achieve its greatness.

12 May 2008

Tibet and Buddhism

With the events that recently occured in Tibet, these movies had somehow opened me up to the profound importance of that enchanting yet real place and the atrocities committed against them. The movies provide a glimpse of the profoundly high degree of philosophy that these noble people possess, transcending even beyond this secular world:

Little Buddha
The Life of Buddha

One of those that impressed me in the films were the animal 'actors' (of course the large snake in "The Life of Buddha" was a prop, I meant those real animals) and how 'well' the creatures played their part.

(I discovered later that an Earthquake occured in China 12 May 2008)

06 April 2008

Lost Horizon

The recent events occuring in Tibet made me recall the classic film "Lost Horizon."

Actually, this film by Burt Bacharach (he is a gift to humanity) was my childhood frustration in which I could still remember up to now. We also had a vinyl record of it and my insistent demands had kept it playing most of the time. I even drew sketches of the palace copied from the record case. It was the early 70's and I was very, very young then. I watched with great enthusiasm as the movie was shown on TV. Then...a brownout occured!! Aaarggh!!

Thanks to the youtube era I recently got a glimpse of this wonderful film, but only managed to get just that...glimpses (sigh).


The recent outcry in Tibet manifests that the Human Spirit shall not be stifled in a box, not even by secular government.

Hey, they made a replay on Star Wars, why not Lost Horizon?

I want replay! I want replay!

13 March 2008

what is your opinion?

Perhaps you may want to answer this question on Philippine education that I posted at answers.yahoo.com.

It seems that the state of education in this country, even among top schools was geared to teaching into making graduates as mere efficient commodities for the economic machinery, rather than teaching or encouraging students how to build this nation.The educational system seemed to disregard the value of Culture, Art, Literature in nation building so as to give it valuable 'soul '. That is why most Filipinos are not supportive of artworks or have no passion for reading, and are easily manipulated by crass commercialism or succumb to foreign interest. It seemed the educational system had failed on these.Do you agree or otherwise? What is your opinion?

You can post your answers by clicking here, or even at the comment section of this blog.

questions, answers, and stuffs they don't let you answer

Recently, one of yahoo's services got my interest at answers.yahoo.com. Cool, so I began sharing answers ranging from dream interpretation to seemingly non-sensical "do you think monkeys are funny?" (to which I replied, 'if you find humans funny, then they are').

Another dreamer had this 'nightmare' about witnessing a school shootout, hiding inside a closet with his girlfriend and them getting amorous, until he got shot eventually. I found the dream sequence shallow though and lacking in indepth symbols as the subconscious use as language, so I answered maybe he got too engrossed with violent films that profited much on his fears. He replied, excitedly, that he had always wanted to be a movie director! Strange though, the thread got deleted from my list.

Then there's this question, "Are there any intelligent Americans left?", which was a poster's ranting about Bush signing the waterboarding (no, it's not a surfer's lingo) torture against Guantanamo prisoners.

I posted this reply, and I believe my equally pis_ed-off American e-friends at a politics chatroom I frequented will agree with me regarding their decadent fellows:

I consider an American to be pathetically lacking in humane intellect if he/she:

- relies too much on puppet corporate media for information

- thinks Bush is the best president

- worships a money god as hypocrties do for their greed

- votes for politicians with the agenda for continuing the WAR economy

-thinks he/she is better than the rest of humanity just because he/she sucks better

-abhors organic food over chemical lazed junk foods.

-points to Asia in the map when asked where his/her country is located

- concludes that waterboarding is a surfer's lingo because he/she didn't bother to look at a search engine.

Weird, but that controversial thread also got erased from the list.

29 February 2008

water for car fuel

This is the link of the Filipino who invented a device that uses water for car fuel. He was the one I referred to from my other blog 'dream car'. My inventor friend sent this link.

The good thing about this video is that the inventor, Mr. Dingel was able to express his sentiment regarding the IMF-World Bank and the investors he encountered. Those phrases are something one can't hear from corporate media that featured him.

Water Car...Daniel Dingel

28 February 2008

tall hotel

This giant 'hiding' behind the bushes is the city's tallest building. Although this hotel may seem midrise (18-storeys) compared to taller structures of major cities, it nevertheless stood up over most of them when it won the highest guest satifaction survey rating in all of its company's hotel chains in Asia.

Oops, I'm supposed to post it at my anywhere davao blogsite, but anyway will just link it up.

26 February 2008

Davao & EAGA

My reaction (as username nvision) to discussions on Davao (including having to put up with a 'talangka' minded, or crab mentality forumer), and my perception about Davao and EAGA (East Asean Growth Area):


19 February 2008

new blog

I got a new blog :)


It blogs snapshots of Davao City's corners and byways using a camera phone, and bits of somethings about it.

06 February 2008

dream car

This will be my dream car...a nice, compact, practical non-pollutant (whoopee!!) electric car that has no trace whatsoever of those egotistic, dumb sized obese, blasphemously ravenous fossil fuel guzzing SUV's.

Actually my dream car is a nice little spacedrive vehicle that will literally float in the air via magnetic propulsion. It utilizes the polarized ions in the air and virtually needs no gas that would surely threaten the greed oriented fossil fuel dependent kind of system this humanity is presently dragged into. I personally know my inventor friend somewhere in the European Union, but the minions of the dark side had been doing their means at keeping his inventions suppressed, even to the point of humiliating him.

Another concern with this alternative dream car of mine is that a Filipino invented it. Whether such situation is unfortunate or not remains to be seen. One thing is sure, another noble Filipino inventor before him also presented a device that makes a car run basically on water. He invented it many years ago and things had happened to him since then. The Philippine government (as what it usually does to local inventors) ignored his inventions and some institutions even ridiculed him, and he was even threatened to imprisonment. Fortunately the Japanese supported and protected him, so you need not be surprised how they were able to build a hybrid car that runs on water.

Perhaps the Japanese were just too dumb to support this guy to compare with those extremely smart Filipinos entrenched in their podiums, whom the inventor so pathetically failed to meet their standards (duh).

That's the problem with this country. Many talents abound in here, but so do envious jerks, and these detestable people make the lives of the former miserable. You can find these minions everywhere here, from the nosy stupid neighbor to a thick faced public official. It's an ugly trait known locally as 'utak talangka', which means 'crab mentality' referring to the usual habit of crabs dragging their fellows down with their pincers when these creatures are placed in a basket. There are many of them in this country, way too many.

If the inventor and his electric car would be dragged down similar to the way they treated the water fuel inventor, guess who the culprits behind it are.

31 January 2008

greed = blessings

Some weeks ago I had an experience with someone on the real estate field in our city. I had a buyer looking for a good deal for a house & lot that would suit their budget. I did introduce her to a property from a developer company where she finally discovered what she had been looking for, courtesy of my information. However, it turned out that the buyer had also contacted other people from the same company and someone had already inked the buyer to sign the call slip, although she failed to convince the buyer due to limited listings on the available properties. By company rules, the first person to do the call slip receives the S.O.P. commission.

It would have been alright with me, despite the fact that it had cost me much time, effort and finances to convince the buyer to purchase the property. I respect the company rules so I decided to personally meet with the person concerned who got the bacon for my effort, perhaps heaving aside the cold rules of the office machinery, a human perspective might be found in seeking the justice for my effort. I could speak for this, recently I gave my fellow broker an amount equivalent to more than 2 month's work for her contribution to a successful deal, even if she merely referred me to someone who knew the right property. I believe in sharing for someone's effort and I find it a pleasure to see them react gratefully.

So I decided to meet personally with this person, perhaps she would consider at least a refund for the expenses I incurred (that culminated with her getting the commission)? I listened to her various excuses.

Then she recited some bible verses, even invoking "God's" name and the 'blessings' she had received in her life. That made me contemptuous and suspicious. Sure, everyone needs money in this world, otherwise how the heck would you be existing in this mortal place. But to use the name of 'God' at other people's expense will surely deserve the spiritual barf bag. I decided not to waste more time, obviously such minds have the reputation of a shut-tight clam shell no worldly wisdom could ever convince them to pry open for the truth against hypocritical crimes. The company rules have its merit in keeping things in order, but surely, the necessity to transcend beyond these trappings in seeking the sensitive need for justice would require the warmness of being human, and not a machine. I'm beginning to suspect this may not occur in this situation.

Anyway, still in a civilized manner, I decided to end the conversation still hoping that perhaps someday a more enlightened human within her would emerge from such brainwashed sheep mentality. Perhaps, she needs time to contemplate, and I need not flare up mimicking the shout "you brood of vipers! you hypocrites!" that echoed more than two thousand years ago.

After many weeks I met her again and inquired whether she had thought about it, and that it should be by her own personal decision, and not the company's, or her group's. Her reaction may be summed up this way: NOPE

It's intriguing how Evil has succeded at lurking deep in the crevices of this society. Now, the belief systems of its minions had mutated in odious slithery such that greed has now become synonymous with 'blessings'.

29 January 2008

fone test

I'm testing the blog with my new cellphone with wifi capability.....hmm will add up some pic of the davao park fronting me too, using the fone :-)

04 January 2008

new year message, inspired by Barky

Here's my new year text message to my acquaintances (people in our country always do text messages most especially during special occasions):

"May we enjoy celebrating with every new year, but also with every NEW DAY."

Actually, it was inspired by my dog's habit: he always waggily greets me every morning. No matter where he is, by the time he hears the sound of my opening the door, he rushes right in front of me, whimpering and smooshing. His name is Barky (and gratefuly lives up to his name too).

Now if Barky always finds reason to celebrate every new day, it ain't an excuse for humans not to.