27 November 2007

enhancing Einstein's theory (sticks tongue)

I still got the jitters the last time my post did a disappearing act at my rocket's theory science forum, so I'm gonna have to repost this reply just to make sure it sticks:

"I think I'm perceiving what eluded Einstein all his life, the merging of his Relativity theory and the weird quantum universe although I tend to see thing visually being inclined to art, instead of mathematically.

And as you may notice I did not contradict Einsten's E=mc^2 but rather enhanced it. Neither does it detract from the Uncertainty Principle.
Good to hear it Moonshadow, giving gravity an essence...as I mentioned it is a manifestation of Consciousness' presence. Banana you seem to rare to soar :)as I mentioned before the term Consicousness is a profound word yet to be defined so the term 'antiunconscious' would seem a play of words. However from my 'Rocket's theory' I perceive Consciousness as a Singularity that integrates both states of 'conscious' and unconscious'."