31 January 2008

greed = blessings

Some weeks ago I had an experience with someone on the real estate field in our city. I had a buyer looking for a good deal for a house & lot that would suit their budget. I did introduce her to a property from a developer company where she finally discovered what she had been looking for, courtesy of my information. However, it turned out that the buyer had also contacted other people from the same company and someone had already inked the buyer to sign the call slip, although she failed to convince the buyer due to limited listings on the available properties. By company rules, the first person to do the call slip receives the S.O.P. commission.

It would have been alright with me, despite the fact that it had cost me much time, effort and finances to convince the buyer to purchase the property. I respect the company rules so I decided to personally meet with the person concerned who got the bacon for my effort, perhaps heaving aside the cold rules of the office machinery, a human perspective might be found in seeking the justice for my effort. I could speak for this, recently I gave my fellow broker an amount equivalent to more than 2 month's work for her contribution to a successful deal, even if she merely referred me to someone who knew the right property. I believe in sharing for someone's effort and I find it a pleasure to see them react gratefully.

So I decided to meet personally with this person, perhaps she would consider at least a refund for the expenses I incurred (that culminated with her getting the commission)? I listened to her various excuses.

Then she recited some bible verses, even invoking "God's" name and the 'blessings' she had received in her life. That made me contemptuous and suspicious. Sure, everyone needs money in this world, otherwise how the heck would you be existing in this mortal place. But to use the name of 'God' at other people's expense will surely deserve the spiritual barf bag. I decided not to waste more time, obviously such minds have the reputation of a shut-tight clam shell no worldly wisdom could ever convince them to pry open for the truth against hypocritical crimes. The company rules have its merit in keeping things in order, but surely, the necessity to transcend beyond these trappings in seeking the sensitive need for justice would require the warmness of being human, and not a machine. I'm beginning to suspect this may not occur in this situation.

Anyway, still in a civilized manner, I decided to end the conversation still hoping that perhaps someday a more enlightened human within her would emerge from such brainwashed sheep mentality. Perhaps, she needs time to contemplate, and I need not flare up mimicking the shout "you brood of vipers! you hypocrites!" that echoed more than two thousand years ago.

After many weeks I met her again and inquired whether she had thought about it, and that it should be by her own personal decision, and not the company's, or her group's. Her reaction may be summed up this way: NOPE

It's intriguing how Evil has succeded at lurking deep in the crevices of this society. Now, the belief systems of its minions had mutated in odious slithery such that greed has now become synonymous with 'blessings'.

29 January 2008

fone test

I'm testing the blog with my new cellphone with wifi capability.....hmm will add up some pic of the davao park fronting me too, using the fone :-)