23 October 2007

cloud forming

Maybe I'm gonna have to blog this, and you should be shot with a thousand pellets (or maybe just 100) if, after reading you still won't believe it truly happened. Actually, it occured last June during my birthday. My childhood friends Yong and Lloyd and their neighbor decided to hike towards the mountain from hometown, south of Davao City, by early dawn partly to celebrate my day ( we were actually avid nature trekkers so it's not hard to convince each of us to climb that mountain, Mt. Talomo thousands of feet above sea level) . So we walked on foot before sunrise and, amazingly we had no fuzz as we reached our impromptu destination about three hours later. Up there, after buying a delicious Marang fruit from a stall, my friends announced the 'hold-up'. Since it was my birthday, I must treat them to a hearty breakfast in that mountain resort called Loleng's just across the street. I gulped, maybe the price up there would be as steep as our trail. Ah, Lloyd volunteered to pay for the entrance fee. He's a manager (but I self-confess I'm his adviser hehe) so we half-expected him to do that. Well then, no problemo and we proceeded towards the gate and hiked what seemed to be a kilometric trail before finally reaching the resort.

Now watching the distant city, the wide seascape of Davao Gulf and the broad blue sky from up there was truly an exhilirating feel that made my imagination fly up. While waiting for those nosy waiters to serve our breakfast treat, I challenged my pals: let's play cloud forming. What's that? Oh, it's forming up clouds with images from one's mind. Lloyd was game, he said he wants to see a nude female figure. Er, I told him this game needs one to be pure in heart. But he insisted he's pure in heart. Ok then, let's wait some time while we gobble our tasty breakfast.

Minutes later, there it was, a weird cloud that looked like a female figure hovering over us on the upper left corner over the horizon. That was strange, I observed, because the figure only showed one breast. I wonder why. Cloud as it was, it changed form minutes later.

That was only the beginning. A dinner later, while treating my friends to a chinese fastfood meal, some of my childhood classmates wanted to treat me with their own version of 'goodwill' by inviting me to a bar with videoke cubicles and a hospitality girl (they're called GRO's-guest relations officers here to sound politically correct, and to mention some politicians are also their avid patrons) to order the night with. That's because, I suspect that all those years I seem to them a geeky and innocent (hah, thats what 'ya think) batchmate who deseparately needs their kind of 'baptism'. I played the game to appease them anyway, and this girl kept kissing me because she thinks I'm cute ( not really my type, but I think she's Lloyds fancy because he was the one who chose her). Anyway, to compress the story up, she got so desperate she finally showed one of her boobs (Aha! It was Lloyd's cloud forming antic finally revealed!). In conclusion, the night ended with the girl thumping out of the cubicle frustated she didn't get what she wanted, my other classmate literally pissing off the cubicle due to flunked modus operandi ( I suspect there's conspiracy involved), and me still retaining my 'purity in heart' kuno (hehehe!).

But between that night and the early morning trek experience with my friends, I'd choose the latter as the one that won the prize for one of my best birthday celebration ever (and it doesn't occur often). Add up the bonus of a cloud formation with a female figure with one boob, hah!