27 November 2007

enhancing Einstein's theory (sticks tongue)

I still got the jitters the last time my post did a disappearing act at my rocket's theory science forum, so I'm gonna have to repost this reply just to make sure it sticks:

"I think I'm perceiving what eluded Einstein all his life, the merging of his Relativity theory and the weird quantum universe although I tend to see thing visually being inclined to art, instead of mathematically.

And as you may notice I did not contradict Einsten's E=mc^2 but rather enhanced it. Neither does it detract from the Uncertainty Principle.
Good to hear it Moonshadow, giving gravity an essence...as I mentioned it is a manifestation of Consciousness' presence. Banana you seem to rare to soar :)as I mentioned before the term Consicousness is a profound word yet to be defined so the term 'antiunconscious' would seem a play of words. However from my 'Rocket's theory' I perceive Consciousness as a Singularity that integrates both states of 'conscious' and unconscious'."

19 November 2007

reply to science forum

I will be copy-pasting my reply here from my Rocket's Theories forum at my blogcatalog.com profile just in case it does another disappearing act like it did before:

From Urikalish: "Where to begin...? Maybe you can explain the fact that stars, planets and moons have gravity, but none of these have consciousness
p.s. The chicken-or-the-egg is not a real problem... Reptiles have eggs and preceded chickens, so the egg came first."

Now I have to repost my reply.
We can start with the last phrase I mentioned at my blog Consciousness is source of gravity:

'There is the core source of Gravity. To a profound degree Consciousness is within that core,the source of curvature, mass created by it,and gravity is the manifestation of the presence of Consciousness.'

Today's civilization and level of knowledge do not yet have a clear definition of what 'Consciousness' is, so it is wrong conclude that such and such do not have 'consciousness'. However, I would rather not that Consciousness be defined, but rather to be lived and experienced in this existence.

Basically, in this existence we presume of Consciousness with the concept of 'awareness'. However, in order to identify 'awareness' one must also consider the 'unawareness' for one cannot exist without the other. It is in this basic dual principle that one sees in every thing that we perceive and experience: light-dark, male-female, yin-yang, positive-negative that manifest the composition of physical existence,from the most basic subparticle and its eventual composition from a sand grain to planets and stars. I believe that this dual principle is what consitute the most basic core in order for this dimension to exist.

I postulate this with my 'rocket's philosophy':"The core of every thing, the planets, moons, stars, even us, are vortices" that operate with this Principle, and I will stand by my perspective.

As you may notice a planet does not behave like a paperweight as if its core were a heavyweight ball as theorized by conventional 'science'. Holistically speaking, a planet might ridiculously behave like a paperweight if it were 'unaware' of its core component as concluded by an 'unaware' earthling scientist. In this scenario, it is indeed not prudent to conclude that Mother Earth is not 'conscious'.

By the way, pardon for being blunt but they're just wasting their time looking for the illusionary 'graviton'.

Indeed seemingly simple question chicken-egg dilemma may be relative to one's level of awareness in answering the comllexity behind it. There was recent research however, that dinosaurs may have evolved from the feathery bird species.

I also have my version in answering the riddle: It's the egg, by a chicken from another dimension.

14 November 2007

group discussion of my 'rocket's theories'

The forum I recently posted at the science group discussion on www.blogcatalog.com is heating up...

my rocket's theories

It's nice sharing ideas with scientifically minded individuals around the world, and a pleasure confounding 'em (grin).

05 November 2007


This is still about the cloud forming thing which caused some stir when I posted the experience at our batchmates' website(our jubilee is on 2012; hmm...that's the time when the Mayan calendar ends and wonder what strange things are going to happen by the time these guys will celebrate it). Djan, who was my highschool classmate, reacted with his antic again and retorted that I was being 'childish'. The first time I met this guy I nearly gave him a flying kick because he kept messing my hair. After that our past time (for the last 22 years haha!) is debating , non-stop. Now he's at it again.

Childish? Hah! So I gave him a reply to leave him wacking his brains out (he's actually one of the smartest in class. In fact he's so smart with his brain functioning 24/7 he's turned insomniac):

Djan why childish? cloud forming is electromagnetic manipulation of the molecular frequencies of water vapor using your innate vortex effecting the core vorteces of things around you...

I wonder if he got sleepless after reading that (grin).

23 October 2007

cloud forming

Maybe I'm gonna have to blog this, and you should be shot with a thousand pellets (or maybe just 100) if, after reading you still won't believe it truly happened. Actually, it occured last June during my birthday. My childhood friends Yong and Lloyd and their neighbor decided to hike towards the mountain from hometown, south of Davao City, by early dawn partly to celebrate my day ( we were actually avid nature trekkers so it's not hard to convince each of us to climb that mountain, Mt. Talomo thousands of feet above sea level) . So we walked on foot before sunrise and, amazingly we had no fuzz as we reached our impromptu destination about three hours later. Up there, after buying a delicious Marang fruit from a stall, my friends announced the 'hold-up'. Since it was my birthday, I must treat them to a hearty breakfast in that mountain resort called Loleng's just across the street. I gulped, maybe the price up there would be as steep as our trail. Ah, Lloyd volunteered to pay for the entrance fee. He's a manager (but I self-confess I'm his adviser hehe) so we half-expected him to do that. Well then, no problemo and we proceeded towards the gate and hiked what seemed to be a kilometric trail before finally reaching the resort.

Now watching the distant city, the wide seascape of Davao Gulf and the broad blue sky from up there was truly an exhilirating feel that made my imagination fly up. While waiting for those nosy waiters to serve our breakfast treat, I challenged my pals: let's play cloud forming. What's that? Oh, it's forming up clouds with images from one's mind. Lloyd was game, he said he wants to see a nude female figure. Er, I told him this game needs one to be pure in heart. But he insisted he's pure in heart. Ok then, let's wait some time while we gobble our tasty breakfast.

Minutes later, there it was, a weird cloud that looked like a female figure hovering over us on the upper left corner over the horizon. That was strange, I observed, because the figure only showed one breast. I wonder why. Cloud as it was, it changed form minutes later.

That was only the beginning. A dinner later, while treating my friends to a chinese fastfood meal, some of my childhood classmates wanted to treat me with their own version of 'goodwill' by inviting me to a bar with videoke cubicles and a hospitality girl (they're called GRO's-guest relations officers here to sound politically correct, and to mention some politicians are also their avid patrons) to order the night with. That's because, I suspect that all those years I seem to them a geeky and innocent (hah, thats what 'ya think) batchmate who deseparately needs their kind of 'baptism'. I played the game to appease them anyway, and this girl kept kissing me because she thinks I'm cute ( not really my type, but I think she's Lloyds fancy because he was the one who chose her). Anyway, to compress the story up, she got so desperate she finally showed one of her boobs (Aha! It was Lloyd's cloud forming antic finally revealed!). In conclusion, the night ended with the girl thumping out of the cubicle frustated she didn't get what she wanted, my other classmate literally pissing off the cubicle due to flunked modus operandi ( I suspect there's conspiracy involved), and me still retaining my 'purity in heart' kuno (hehehe!).

But between that night and the early morning trek experience with my friends, I'd choose the latter as the one that won the prize for one of my best birthday celebration ever (and it doesn't occur often). Add up the bonus of a cloud formation with a female figure with one boob, hah!

25 September 2007

another of my 'rocket's quote'

"The complexity outside us are like shadows to the profoundness within us."
-Ric Vil Hori

24 September 2007

bogged down

Darn, my computer kept bogging down and I decided to cut off my internet access at home. It's not comfortable, I can no longer do much blogging or surfing or expressing ideas like I did before. There's something wrong with this.

We should be needing organic computers. Not only that, we should demand, and be aware of other profound technologies and visions that will create great change and justice to humanity's present existence.

11 September 2007


This sci fi story that I composed was inspired by scientist friends whom I met in the chatrooms. It was recently printed at our literary group supplement page on a local newspaper in Davao City. This story, as with my other scifi compositions, were based on my 'formulas' like 'rocket's theory' and other personal viewpoints that I had blogged here previously.

Me, the Keymaker, and the Quantum Mechanics Bar
by Ric Vil Hori

One day, just as I expected it to be, I met the Keymaker in the cyber highway. So I told him “Hey, let’s go to the quantum mechanics bar and order a shot of neutrino. It’s cool, we don’t have to pay anything because the glass is empty anyway. Then, let’s chat about the keys to the mysteries of the universe.”

So off we went and entered into the weird quantum mechanics bar, for it only has one door from our Present, the only one there is in the entire universe for us to enter. Yet once inside, the quantum mechanics bar peeks into countless portal doors of multi-universes that co-exist with the universe behind our Present door. Rumor has it that, along with the Present Door where we entered, there are other distinct portals with doors from our past, to the future, and to our parallel Present universes. The strange thing about the rumor was that there will appear an inevitable portal that sooner or later we must enter because that portal leads to our Future. Yet, in the quantum mechanics bar, anything can happen, though the bartenders and customers who patronized the bar smugly treated such inevitability as ‘rumor.’

I have discovered that a game was being played upon us, for among the countless doors, a distinct portal will magically transform itself into our Future door when the moment comes, provided that we have the right magic key for it. This door becomes the portal to our Future Universe. I anticipate the magical transformation of this Future Portal, which is why I invited the Keymaker to talk about it, while we sip a shot of neutrino at the quantum mechanics bar. But the Keymaker claimed he did not know anything about magic keys. All he knew was making great keys, for he is a very good keymaker.

I told the Keymaker that we can actually create our own Magic Future, to which the Keymaker responded with a quizzical look. I told him to peek into the keyhole of one among the many doors of the quantum mechanics bar that enters into a Magic Future, where truly free people live in magnificent, highly advanced cities with lush green parks. The inhabitants ride in levitating cars, utilize free energy, travel to the stars, and even teleport themselves from one destination to the next. But the Keymaker showed neither excitement nor interest. For him, such a Future will just be ‘rumor,’ and he insisted that he does not know anything about making a magic key.

Then it dawned on me that even the Keymaker, just like any other person from the Present, was bounded by the dark magic of the Despot who ruled the Present Universe from where we came from. The Keymaker never knew about magic, for the Despot made sure his subjects are bounded with the illusion of an imprisoned Present. Through the ages he planned sinisterly to lead them astray towards the Prison Future, away from the knowledge of Magical Realities that would otherwise set the Keymaker, and the rest like him, freed from the Despot’s bondage.
Yet, the Keymaker, just as the other subjects like him, was obviously not as bad as the Despot. In fact, he tried to be as upright as the rest by reading the Black Book. But unknowingly, it imprisoned them with the dark spell of the Despot who ruled the Present. The Despot uses the magic spell of the Black Book to control the gullible. Hidden behind its moralistic trappings he had laid his trap, the door to a Golden Prison. Cunningly, the Despot secretly encoded within the Black Book the key to the Golden Door of the Prison. Lured with such promise, the Keymaker became obsessed with the Black Book.

From its wake the dark spell of the Book slowly crept into him, unwittingly stifling the Light of his own Creative Power to be imprisoned by the rigid impositions of the Despot. Now, the Despot ruled over the Present with iron grip to all its gold resources, and with such cunning maneuver succeeded at controlling its physical universe and the will of the people, including that of the Keymaker and all who must work for gold for their physical needs. From the dark rule of the Despot sourced the conflicts, wars, famines and all ills of the Present, cunningly manipulated by the Despot towards the golden lure of the Prison Future he has prepared for all gullible subjects, where he shall ultimately reign.

I gazed through the Keymaker and sensed the complexity of the situation. The dark spell of the Despot had already crept deep into him, and I could only scrounge for a flicker of hope, if there were any. Then, amidst the dark, startlingly intricate mesh of prison web of the Despot’s spell that penetrated deep through his system, I saw it. A tiny flicker of Light, faint, but still desperately glowing. I gave him the hint: rekindle the Power that they had stifled from you, then it will help you craft the Magic Key.

As usual, he gave me his usual quizzical look, which seemed, for now, more like a habit. But from his eyes I could perceive the fragile flicker of Light, slowly glowing. A hint of grin betrayed him and we decided to leave the quantum mechanics bar. As was the rule, everything that occurred in the bar will be dismissed as ‘rumor’ from the moment we step out of its door. Before we left and separated our ways, the Keymaker said he will go back to his room and play with the violin that he had stacked in the storage for a time now, and perhaps even compose a tune. It felt good to hear that.

In mere moments after leaving the bar, a swarm of the Despot’s minions suddenly surrounded my Keymaker friend. Indeed, the sinister, intricate mesh of the Despot’s dark magic that gripped the space-time dimension of our Present was astonishingly efficient. But I flew away before those minions came, for I knew the Despot and his intentions, and I could see through him. The minions were programmed by the spell of the Despot who ruled the darkness of this Present, to treat Freedom’s Light as despicable anomaly. However, the minions cannot extract anything from the Keymaker, for they were mere ‘rumors’.

He will be alright. The Keymaker will return to his room and play with his violin. I could sense him as he played with his music instrument, and the once faint flicker of Light glowed again within him, slowly but inevitably.

03 September 2007

shortest sci fi

These were probably the shortest (six words) sci fi I had written when a website challenged readers to post theirs at sixwordscifi. You might like to try it too.

"The universe reacted with his thought."

Sigh, I had reservations for the other phrase "Did you detach my left arm?" Even with such seemingly simple challenge one still needs to vigilantly maintain the discipline in composing literary pieces. Many images could prop out of that phrase, like, was the hero a cyborg? Or did they have such excellent anesthetics the character didn't notice his anatomy part got detached? Recently I had observed that the phrase, unlike the previous one, does not necessarily complete a story because it hangs with a question. If I could change that, I would rephrase it with:

"Do not detach her left foot."

Maybe that would open up with more possibilities, like, "ooh...the culprit still had the gall to detach the cute cyborg's foot, now something's brewing..." etc.

31 August 2007

my 'rocket's quote'

Here's another phrase composition inspired by the previous post. I think I'm gonna call them my 'rocket's quotes' (I used to go to a physics chatroom using my 'rocket' username):

"A great idea is something one plucks out from nothing to make it everything." - Ric Vil Hori

If one is able to do that, he captures the entire universe....because, as William Blakes puts it, he starts seeing a universe in a grain of sand...

27 August 2007


"Nothing is as powerful as an idea whose time has come” -Victor Hugo

When the revolutionary idea is in its moment, it will be like a huge wave approaching a shore that can do nothing but wait. Detractors may haul diatribes against its source, but the better they can do is to save obsolete paradigms that wished to remain boxed in- against ideas that rare to soar.
The table is turned. The wave approaches, it need not defend itself from confrontation, but by all means those confronting it must.

I posted what I termed as my 'rocket's theory' (because my username is nicked with 'rocket' at chatrooms and forums when advocating my ideas) "Consciousness is the source of gravity" on distinct forums. On the other side is an international forum (usually folks from the west) that I posted years ago, and then lately on a local (Philippines) forum.

The different reactions I have noticed may be summed up to this:

Other side: They don't argue about obvious statements. Having done that, I eventually discovered that some of the forumers created a project on publishing book about the relationship of Consciousness and Physics.

Local side: Not only did they argue, they didn't even notice the obvious (!). And some of them are still at it, looking for preys to feed their ego.

At least there are those who were there to listen and soothe me from the battle wounds. I'd say these to be one of those great moments to remember with such brilliant, unsung heroes in my life. My inventor friend from a small European country whom I met at the internet not only agreed with the eccentricities of some of my ideas, he even expands it! Then, a fellow science chat reg IM'd me and invited me back to the chatroom. He is a doctor-physicist. He told me he met a highly influential doctor-mechanical engineer who co-invented a life saving maneuver that had saved countless lives in this world. He said he had been talking precious time with the person with topics ranging from Consciousness to gravity to AI and other stuffs that remind me of things we had discussed in chatrooms. Then, in the presence of fellow chatters, he profusely thanked me for ideas I have shared, even mentioning the names of the chatrooms I had once frequented (until some fascist sponsored hackers attacked it. No they cannot stop us, even in diaspora we will spread the awakening). Priceless.

I guess our real friends and families are those who listen to us, and perceive the profoundness of who we really are within, more than the surface that the outside thought us to be.

23 August 2007

rocket's dictionary

Some new words I once composed and posted at a science forum.

From my 'rocket's dictionary':

boogle: the act of confusion resulting from excessive data. (I coined it from google, except that 'boogle' is the utter perplexity of being bombarded with vast amount of information.)

carbonated: lively, animated but distinctively human behavior. Definitely differentiated from your silica-based extraterrestrial stellar neighbor.

"darkboned lie": hopelessly false, a bone is obviously white or lighter in color, but the state of this lie is in such hopeless case that it is compared to a very rare black or grayish bone. Examples would be 'no extraterrestrials exist in the universe,' or 'only my religion is right, yours are all wrong.'

awright: one feels a bit fine, but not necessarily 'all-right.'

...and then posting some of my my 'rocket's philosophies' molded like pearl from the dross encountered while on heated discussion at a Philippine based forum regarding my views:

"If in the endless change the ultimate mastery remains, one may choose the mediocrity that will lead one's self to be slave to someone's master, or choose for the struggle to be master of one's self." -rocket (07 Nov, 2006)

"With ideas whose time comes, these make all the sense. When one attempts to insist otherwise, it is the attempt that does not make sense. A wave does not defend itself, but by all means those confronting it must." -rocket (09 Nov 2006)

20 August 2007

barbaric 'development'

This is what happens if entrenched barbarians 'develop' a country.

I wonder how any self-respecting, civilized country would react to this. Cagayanons 'enlightened' enough to notice the threat against the nation's priceless heritage should protect it.


Made me wonder why one of the forumers at skyscrapercity.com called me as such. Maybe due the name that I preferred to use, or perhaps by the chopsticks from my impromptu art (those pics were taken at a Davao and Manila foodstall, I like the challenge of chopsticks when there's excuse to use them). Just a little hint, the last word on my 'name' was taken from two Japanese words (I'm not Japanese), inspired by a profound memory recall that I'd prefer to keep to myself because not everyone might be able to comprehend it, yet.

Besides, in an environment where endeavors such as literature and the arts were not as encouraged, why would a surname or a society discourage me from pursuing my Vision? I'd rather make my own name and see myself as an 'Earth Citizen' (don't you mistake it for the bogus NWO of that oil sucker Bush). Maybe it's because of the educational system in this country. The system may have done well at teaching the populace how to be skilled, english speaking, efficient commodities for the global economic machinery, but not much at teaching how to build a deeply rooted, cultured nation. Talk about national stupidity. But who knows maybe things are changing for the better nowadays, unlike before, perhaps.

But I could say I tend to be 'detached.' It is my way of enabling me to grasp the 'staggering scope' [as a fellow blogger put it about my scifi] of the Vision that I perceive. If I must tag myself, I would rather prefer to be called 'Earth Citizen'. I am intimate with my Planet, and if any city or my country or your country mess up with the beauty of my Planet, that will be deserving of contempt. Davao, the city I happen to be in, seems intent at protecting both the environment and the culture though, and hopefully its citizens are not as culturally clueless as any roaming sophisticated semi-'barbarian' that one encounters. Those who wantonly pollute, wage hypocritical wars on the surface of my Planet are aptly called OUTSIDERS.

(Earthquake occurs)

19 August 2007

'rocket's philosophies'

Some of my 'Rocket's Philosophies:'

· Visions that approach beyond reason are achieved when there is no reason why not.

· Consciousness is the source of gravity.

· To begin with freedom, and to end with freedom, is to gain freedom.

· Freedom expands the universe, Justice may curve it.

· The limits of one’s universe is not outside one’s self, but within. To limit one’s self is to limit one’s universe; not to limit one’s self is not to limit one’s universe.

· It’s a big universe; stop seeing things like a protozoa who thinks the puddle is the only universe that existed.

· Beware of fundamentalism; its followers make any thing or any one evil except the root of evil in which they are guilty of.

·Beware the tripping over with overused left brain and empty right part.

· There are other sides in every issue and neither side can claim monopoly of truth.

· Reality is both the seen and unseen; to disregard the unseen will render one’s reality an illusion.

· The Illusion of reality and the Reality of illusion.

· Art may create imaginations and fantasies, but it does not create illusions.

· I postulate that the core of planetary bodies, stars, and each and every thing around – are vortices.

· Since matter cannot exceed lightspeed, I postulate that it duplicates instead when subjected beyond lightspeed.

· Some questions are ridiculous, but what if the answers are ridiculous?

· Some questions already have answers. I prefer answers that unfold like questions.

· A blind cannot see what you see, but he may be keen to what you cannot see.

· Einstein said god does not play dice with the universe. I say god uses dice when playing; and life is a game.

I prefer not to limit Providence in 3 letters. I prefer to be continually awed.

· Some are serious about having fun; I’m having fun about being serious.

· It takes one to know everything before he can say he knows nothing. I don’t know everything, so I won’t say I know nothing :)

· Me not into rockets, but sometimes me thinks like one.

- Ric Vil Hori

18 August 2007

on davao

I recently discovered that my blog 'waterfall enchantress' was posted at a www.skyscrapercity.com thread about Davao's great outdoors. Thanks for it, but it would also be appreciated if the forumer dropped a short message at the comment section so I would know (it's ok for now).

Actually, I regularly browse at SSC particularly on threads related to Davao. It makes a day how forumers mirror the dynamic and pioneering spirit of being a Dabawenyo and the hopes for the future that soar high like the eagle.

Recently however, I seem to notice friction between some forumers from a 'competing' city from the north in that website. That can be digested, but it seemed that some forumers from that city seem to take nasty pleasure at any sign of 'overthrowing' and 'outshining' what Davao has achieved, probably due to the illusion that being a premiere city in Mindanao, it would behave as 'Imperialist' Manila did. Pastilan, can't these northern forumers with contemptous crustacean mindset (it's an ugly Filipino trait called 'crab mentality') see the difference? Unlike Imperialist Manila that sucked Mindanao's resources and used it solely for its vices (and caused that city to be overdeveloped compared to the rest of the country, overpopulated and over-polluted) where every Mindanaoan may agree in unison, Davao had not done that thing to Mindanao. In fact, it had contributed much like spearheading the BIMP EAGA (Brunei-Indonesia-Malaysia-Philippines East ASEAN Growth Area) and sought cooperation among peoples in Mindanao and Palawan. The city I'm in had been assisting other cities and regions of Mindanao selflessly, and look at how some of the posters from that city behave (not to mention the stupidity of bragging who's got the best taxicabs).

Here's my few words advice for those who have the interest:

"There are achievements where one needs not compete."
-Ric Vil Hori

Don't be bothered much about them bragging at having the strategic advantage, no need to 'compete' for their domestic strategic location. Countries to the north of Davao are China-HK, Korea, Taiwan, Russia and all else. To the south, southwest and southeast are Indonesia, Malaysia, Brunei, Thailand, Australia, PNG, New Zealand. To the east is the vast Pacific ocean and then the America's. Davao is in the middle of it all. Any individual with keen sense can envision a scenario like this: Davao as an important Center that caters not just to the domestic but to all other countries south of Asia and everywhere strategically located. The highly developed countries from the north and from the east far beyond the Pacific are needed by developing countries to the south (and vice versa), and Davao is in the right strategic place between these nations (the city's infrastructure must be enhanced) because of its strategic convenience. Davao's advantage is not just at domestic level, but rather at the GLOBAL level.

But, does Davao have the Vision? Is it civilized and cultured enough? Or would it just stagnate into a typical, seemingly soul-less city that merely sees its otherwise rich indigenous culture as tourism commodities, with a people naive or not capable of appreciating the importance of a cultural piece or artwork to the building of a nation. Its top learning institutions may probably succeed in creating graduates as highly efficient commodities for the economic machinery, but did it teach them with stengthening the very foundation of a people's cultural heritage both ancient and modern, and its role to Human Civilization? Will Davao become a haven of free, cultured, creative, soulful, Universal citizens foreseeing a brighter future for its city and the Planet, or be merely just like the other manipulated, materialistic, modern-day barbarians roaming, wantonly exploiting and polluting on Earth's surface?

That remains to be seen.

15 August 2007

eternal music

I have recently composed this insight after posting it on a discussion forum that stated "the day original music will die"

"Eternal is music in itself, and the music of silence is heard by its listener"

-Ric Vil Hori

14 August 2007

chicken - egg

Have you folks been wondering about the age old question of "which came first. the chicken or the egg?"

This is my version of a reply:

It's the egg, by a chicken from another dimension.

11 August 2007

Consciousness is source of gravity

I call this my "Rocket's Philosophy:"

This view was conceptualized way back in the year 2000, when, during our lively discussions at a physics chatroom, someone inquired: "what is gravity?"

And so I quipped the conventional answer: gravity is curvature in space. But even that did not satisfy, it's just like going in circles without answering anything. Then I remembered reading a book about Eastern Thought, in which the author stated that among those into Eastern philosophy, Consciousness is said to be in the realm of c^2 in Einstein's E=mc^2. Now, that kept us brainstorming and whacking up until I came up with the radical view that Consciousness may be the source of gravity. The other chatters, definitely with considerable background in the physics field (or else who would bother entering a physics chatroom) bombarded my view with all sorts of technical rebuttals, but it stood adamantly from the storm. Until the storm weathered down and as our minds rested exhaustedly, the latter part of chat sounded something like this (somewhat paraphrased):

rocket: any more discussions about gravity?


chatter 1: you answered gravity


chatter 2: GRAVITY IS GOD!

rocket: WHAT?

rocket: nope

rocket: god has gravity...

Gravity is said to be caused by the curvature in
space. but it seemed like a chicken-egg dilemma.

In the theory (E=mc^2) it's squared the speed of light in
mass and mass is present in the curvature. Among perceivers of Eastern Philosophy it’s been said that Consciousness is in the realm of C^2. The realm of matter cannot bound it for matter cannot travel beyond lightspeed (I postulate it just duplicates, but that’s another story). It is not even enough to contain it in just a boundary of space-time dimension or by limits of materialist machinations. Consciousness can pierce the barrier beyond it or lightspeed. Consciousness is vital in space and time; the Observer.

There is the core source of Gravity. To
a profound degree Consciousness is within that core,
the source of curvature, mass created by it,
and gravity is the manifestation of the presence of Consciousness.

07 August 2007

check it

Check the website for some things we're not supposed to know.


03 August 2007

parallel dimension and ideal future...

I call this my "Rocket's Theory:"

Parallel Dimension and Ideal Future

I perceive that to define our existing Present universe (E=mc^2), there is the need to incorporate 3 more dimensional 'realities.' But these must be perceived from the observer's viewpoint within the Singularity, where past, present and future gets blurred. We will follow 4 perceived realities that interlink one with another, and to perceive these other three parts are necessary to define one part (our Present existing physical universe).

The first is what I would term as Ideal Past, wherein it incorporated our classics, myths, legends, glories that we put into our memory. This reality is implosive, centripetal, that’s why I will have it in squareroot. The pattern of Ideal Past will be:

E=mass times square root of c^2

The Ideal Past will constitute the rest mass of the Present E=mc^2 which is expansive, centrifugal by nature. The patterns of the Ideal Past is necessary to create our Present. Our Present is the E=mc^2, where:

E = mass times square of c(rest mass) times c(observer-relative)

Then the third reality, which is a pre-existent pattern (refer here) of what we are about to enter, will be the Ideal Future, and like the Ideal Past, is implosive, centripetal in nature. Here I will assign a third powerful unit, c=Awareness and the observer now becomes aware. The “c” in E=mc^2 relative to the observer is now differentiated. There is an observer who is “unaware”, and an observer who is “aware”. Such makes a big difference and should be considered. The Awareness is acquired after the knowledge from the Ideal Past is revealed, extracted from Present, then transported as quantified knowledge for the Ideal Future. Being implosive, centripetal, the pattern of Ideal Future will be:

E = mass times cuberoot of c(rest mass) times c(Awareness) times c(observer-relative-Aware).

Then, we will proceed to what I term as the Parallel Present, which is the parallel dimension to our Present, and it is also centrifugal, expansive in nature. The equation for Parallel Present will also be E=mc^2, but this time incorporating with it the powerful 3rd force of Awareness and the Ideal Future becoming its rest mass (cuberoot of c^3), and eventually integrated as new data for the Parallel Present:

E=mass times square of c(rest mass from Ideal Future cuberoot c^3) times c(observer-relative-Aware)

The Parallel Present, similarly as the Present, both being centrifugal, expansive dimensions, are like catalysts for the expansion of our Universe.

The new c (Awareness) is powerful enough to transform the Future we are about to enter, into an Ideal one. And when such time comes, the Aware Ones would be highly able to propel such energy into highly advanced technologies as interstellar and interdimensional, or time travel, free energy, with our highly Evolved Consciousness and civilizations by then.

With the 'theoretical' Ideal Future in the realm of imagination, anything can be possible with the profound addition of c=Awareness. However, this realm is yet tangible and may yet be perceived with Pre-Existent Pattern, the Unseen (or rather yet to be seen) of the Reality Vision mentioned at my Pro-Culture post.

The actual Future, as a consequent result of Humanity being Aware, will propel itself to a much higher dimension with the Evolution of Consciousness. Evolution incorporates all the dimensions, and expand these to a higher Dimensional level. Mass will then reflect this, being relative and such Evolution will be physically manifested with ESP, advanced technologies, interstellar travel, etc. This will be the amazing era borne from the Pre-Existent Pattern of Ideal Future, which an 'enlightened' civilization is about to manifest as Reality, that is when we choose to.

02 August 2007

a city, era century 23

My vision of a city, in the year 2276...posted at http://maharlika23.blogspot.com

It is my on-going sci fi composition.

30 July 2007

a vision on Culture

Here is one of my "rocket's philosophy". It is a vision on Culture.

I call it 'rocket philosophy' from the username that I often use at internet chatrooms and forums when I express ideas over there.

A Vision on Culture

For Vision to be revealed is to reveal it with actions.
Culture is action.
Culture cannot be subjectively defined,
rather it is subjectively approached.
Neither is it limited or defined objectively,
rather objectivity are patterns that follow or guide it.
It is relative with one to another.
I speak of culture not by defining it
But by acknowledging that I am a relative part of it.

I. Relative.
II. Culture is an inevitable endeavor. To deny it will result to culture of denial.
To suppress it will result to culture of suppression.
To deny selflessness in culture will eventually result to culture of selfishness.
Culture based on selfishness will result to culture of greed.

II. Selflessness
I. As culture is inevitable, there is the need is to perceive cultural endeavors
that encourage selflessness, as reaction to concerns when
excessive commercialism becomes prevalent to culture
which may eventually succumb to the pitfalls of selfishness.
II. The dilemma is when societies equate prosperity and progress
with the necessity of selfishness, when these can be
achieved with the alternative approach of Selflessness.
III. However it is contemplated that such dilemma may have
occurred from the manipulation of belief systems
That thrive on selfishness for the survival of such belief systems,
rather than for the survival of society itself.

III. Pro-Culture
I. I may term the perception that the
implications of culture in human endeavors
are of important concern to human existence, as Pro-Culture.
II. In this vision, Pro-Culture is the perception that
Cultural endeavors towards human awareness
(with mention to social, artistic, scientific, and intellectual pursuits)
to the human experience are of
foremost concern to secular human life,
III. And with its inevitable and continuing progress
Pro-Culture is to be identified with Selflessness
as opposed to selfishness.
IV. The struggle to Selflessness
is not to deny one’s self, but rather to free one’s Self
from impartiality of belief systems of a material world,
its pitfalls, and selfishness that it encourages.
It is a rebirth of Self minus selfishness.
V. Pro-Culture is the perspective that the Ideals of Culture are achieved
through Selfless contributions and motives of individuals to society and Humanity.

IV. Selfishness
I. In Pro-Culture, selfishness is differentiated from rational self-interest
for the latter is motivated on introspective examination
with the aspect of Self for the
purpose of being aware with oneself in relation to one’s environment.
Such motivation would eventually manifest the holistic character of
Self relative with one’s fellows and environment
And in general with the intangible aspect of Self.
II. "Awareness of Self results to Selflessness.
Ignorance of Self results to selfishness."
III. Selflessness is an abstract concept as
opposed to the defined motive
and behavior of selfishness that
disregards the intangible aspect of Self;
IV. However the endeavors that Selflessness contributes
may result to tangible benefits, but in contrary
To the consequent effects of selfishness.
V. Selflessness is perceived as
antithesis to selfishness.
VI. Selfishness is not denied from views on reality; rather selfishness is
to be viewed as a primitive aspect of human nature that may be transcended over
with the culture of sincere endeavors among individuals,
in fairness and justice, with the wisdom, creativity and empathy
in overcoming its consequences.
VII. Selfishness is to be identified with certain belief systems
for its supposed benefits as defined by such systems,
and experiential necessities to the understanding of human existence.
VIII. Selfishness in Pro-Culture is every individual's struggle, hence
its endeavors for betterment start at the very basic level,
as it starts with every individual.

V.Seen and Unseen
I. The present attempt at manipulation of culture
to selfishness by certain belief systems for gratification of self
may be based on materialistic belief systems;
Materialism defines the concept of reality
only by what is seen or tangible.
II. In Pro-Culture, Reality is both in the Seen dimension (material, tangible)
and Unseen dimension(nonmaterial, intangible).
To deny the Unseen is an impartial perspective of Reality.
III. Selfishness, as opposed to the abstract and intangible concept of Selflessness,
is a manifestation with definite and defined motives biased to the tangible,
thus it will not be identified with the intangible.
IV. Therefore the attempt of materialism to define Reality
With a bias to the Seen is erroneous,
although the bandwagon where it rides,
logic and rationality, are important tools.
V. Pro-Culture rejects materialism for the limited
characteristics of matter is imposed
on human insights, an attempt to
reduce the Self from its mystery, into a
commodity or tool for the machinery
of materialistic manipulations.
VI. The denial of materialism to the Unseen dimension of Reality
imply that it is an approach that thrives on ignorance to such side,
to the limiting and stifling of the broad purpose of Self

VII. and profoundness of human life that otherwise enable
Consciousness to pursue and realize
the mystery of its Ultimate Vision.
VIII. Systems that thrive on human ignorance to the Unseen
is considered unnecessary to Pro-Culture,
and its ‘comforts’ considered as illusions
due to impartial bias to views on reality.
IX. Selfishness-induced viewpoints should be confronted with
knowledge, inner wisdom and truth, in the spirit of
peaceful contention and quest for awareness.
X. Hence Pro-Culture encourages the pursuit of knowledge and experience
as consequences with both tangible and intangible values rather than on
sole pursuance of material manifestations offered by materialistic belief systems.

VI. Justice and Freedom
I. Pro-Culture acknowledges abstract concepts of Reality,
for Selflessness is in itself abstract, yet its tangible
results designed to benefit humanity identifies with the
Balance perspective of Justice and Freedom.
II. "Freedom expands one’s universe
Justice may curve it."
III. The ultimate purpose of discovery
is not to solely to gain from it,
but eventually to free it.
IV. To seek for Truth, seek for freedom.
To begin with freedom, and end with freedom
is to gain Freedom.
V. Pro-Culture seeks truth, and to seek truth, it seeks Freedom.
VI. Selfishness does not seek truth,
but seeks only for its own profit.
Selfishness and its opposing views are
deleted when Justice is achieved.
VII. True Justice thrives on Freedom.

VIII. Freedom is essential to Pro-Culture;
however with freedom requires responsibility.
Such responsibility is achieved with empirical and moral insights
in an environment that encourages Awareness.

VII. Reality Vision
I. Justice is an essential factor of Pro-Culture,
and such justice is applied with the perspective of Balance
with what will be termed as the Reality Vision.
II. Pro-Culture acknowledges that Reality is both the Seen Reality and the Unseen Reality.
III. Hence Pro-Culture is the Awareness and achievement of its
Balance, and from this Balance Universal Justice is assured.
This is the Reality Vision of Pro-Culture.
IV. The Seen may also imply the tangible, or boundaries of one’s perceived universe,
and the Unseen may imply the wide scope of probabilities of parallel dimensions and multiverses.
With this perspective the views on Self is expanded,
and such is relative to the perspective of Reality Vision.
V. Balance is the key to Justice, not suppression of
a side to the other, sometimes at the guise of Order.
VI. Thus Pro-Culture perceives the importance of Balance over Order.
Awareness to both sides of Seen and Unseen
is the key to Balance.
VII. The Universe is in its order only because of
The order of that which is Seen.
The awareness of Unseen Universe
Will render that the Universe is in Balance with it.

VIII. Nature
I. This Balance is also achieved through
Harmony with Nature.

II. Pro-Culture
perceives nature not as mere
dominion to subdue and exploit;
Certain endeavors show proof that such excuses
are perceived by selfishness-based belief systems that
eventually result to unjust exploitation and pollution.
III. Pro-Culture acknowledges the profound significance
of Nature, not just economically but in
cultural and inspirational perspectives as well.
IV. Nature is a manifestation of tangible and eloquent patterns emanating
from the intangible dimensions of Mystery and created in the Balance of it.
Nature contributes on understanding Humanity and its mystery.
V. Nature is a Conscious entity
And not a mere commodity.
VI. To harmonize with Nature
rather than the sole excuse of exploiting it
is a necessary factor for human survival
and understanding what is to be human.

IX. Survival
I. Survival of Self is not to be equated with selfishness.
Selfishness is to be equated with belief systems
that thrive on the primitive side of human nature
for the survival of such systems.
II. However, Pro-Culture considers wanton selfishness
as a threat to humanity’s survival.
III. Survival as perceived in Pro-Culture is the necessary expansion of
Awarenes with both knowledge and the
mysteries of Universe, being in existence with it.
IV. Suppression of such awareness, motivated by the antithesis in selfishness
may be considered a threat to humanity’s survival
in the wider dimensions and perspectives of Reality other than the
biased reality or belief systems that selfishness finds its excuse.

X. Prosperity
I. The consequent prosperity that may result from Pro-Culture is mainly
achieved in its pursuit of wealth in knowledge and Awareness.
II. The material benefits, among other benefits,
is a byproduct of Pro-Culture, rather than its end result.
Prosperity in Pro-Culture is to be defined holistically.
III. Pro-Culture thrives in the wealth of
human experience, and follows the complexity of the
of the Human Phenomenon and
the pursuit of the Evolution of Consciousness;
IV. Pro-Culture may not follow prosperity,
but prosperity follows Pro-Culture.
Pro-Culture follows the Human Phenomenon.
Human Phenomenon is the experience of life itself.
V. Prosperity in Pro-Culture is to be equated with the
holistic perspective of both the tangible and intangible wealth
achieved from selfless contributions.

XII. Endeavors
I. Pro-Culture is contributory to the diverse conglomeration of human endeavors in various fields: Literary and Artistic endeavors, Science and Technology, Entertainment and human experience, ‘enlightened’ Politics and Economics.
II. Every one is an active participant and is encouraged to contribute. Pro-Culture differentiates itself with prevalent endeavors in that it is achieved through Selflessness and yet its contributing factor will benefit humanity in general as such is its purpose.
III. Pro-Culture acknowledges the valuable contributions of
various cultures of humanity preceding it,
finding foothold in its strengths and learning from its lessons.
IV. Endeavors implying selfishness are not considered as contributing factor to,
but rather as remnants of previous belief systems predating Pro-Culture,
as individuals require material ‘survival’ on such yet prevailing cultures.
V. However Pro-Culture will flourish amidst the previous cultures or systems,
holistically fusing itself with it and creating from its interaction transitional
and gradual development, and will be a continuing dynamic force in the
inevitable metamorphosis for Change.

XIII. Pre-existent Patterns
I. Culture is perceived as the patterns of human endeavors identified with
civilization and its development. However with the nature of dynamic movements of culture, Pro-Culture also considers what will be termed as ‘pre-existent patterns
as part of its cohesive perspective.
II. As Pro-Culture identifies Reality both with the Seen and Unseen,
the abstract and tangible, positive and negative, the Vision Reality
perceived by Pro-Culture implies such personal aspects as
intuition, premonition, symbol patterns such as in dreams, and the like of
complex patterns which may have provided, not surprisingly,
considerable contributions to personal and intimate endeavors
attested among individuals on certain creative and artistic pursuits, compositions,
technological inventions, and other products of such talents,
III. wherein these individuals will attest that such insights are achieved
in the spirit of Selfless contribution, and in the personal awareness of Self.
IV. These considerations to cognitive patterns are part of the dynamic pursuit of
Pro-Culture towards Reality Vision and its holistic perspective of Human Reality.

XIV. Beyond
I. Hence Pro-Culture does not limit itself on established belief systems and its limitations, but rather seeks insights beyond these existing patterns in the foremost of cultural endeavors of human activity. This is the contributing factor of
Pro-Culture to human development.
II. Thus Pro-Culture will incorporate various fields as important factors to the
Reality Vision on the Seen and Unseen phenomenon, the tangible and abstract,
towards the continuing development and quest for awareness.
III. These include metaphysics, quantum mechanics,
Synchronicity (not compromise) of eastern, indigenous, classical and western philosophy,
psychic phenomena, extraterrestrial dimensions,
legends and symbolic mythology, and other abstract or transcending factors, and
properly discerned in just and fair views relative to cultural contributions and to Human Phenomenon.
IV. With the Human Phenomenon, Consciousness is relative with Pro-Culture.
V. Pro-Culture does not limit the capacity of Human Consciousness,
and rejects belief systems that attempt to limit it.
VI. Human limitation is to be seen as the limitation of knowing one’s Self
hence its necessity to limit one’s environment and belief systems.

XV. Mystery
I. Pro-Culture acknowledges the continuance of
Mystery of the Universe surrounding it,
and does not limit the concept of Truth.
II. Endeavors in Science pursue truth from among the tangible,
Endeavors in Art pursue truth from among the intangible, and
Mystery is the catalyst for the pursuit.
III. From such Mystery Life is brought forth.
Life is the "eloquent pattern" of such Mystery.
IV. Pro-Culture perceives that the awareness of the Unseen dimension
broadens the perspectives of Seen dimension and it is
with the awareness of the Essence, the Muse of such Mystery, that
inspires the Self to create from the intangible, Unseen Reality
an endeavor, an invention, an artwork, a composition
And other tangible results to the culture of Seen Reality that are
in acknowledgement and in harmony with both dimensions;
V. and with the dance and Balance of both,
Selflessness and Universal Justice and responsible Freedom are achieved.
VI. "The limits of one’s universe
is not outside one’s self
But within the Self."
To limit one’s Self, is to limit one’s universe;
not to limit one’s Self, is not to limit one’s universe.

"Visions that approach beyond reason are achieved

When there is no reason why not."

31 May 2007

beer chat

I had this interesting chat at a politics room last night. An Iraqi was with us regs and it elicited much curiosity. I did find him to be a courteous, civilized and smart individual, even when he said he recently purchased some guns for protection amid the bleak reality occuring in his city. It gave us a peek into the interior life of his tragically wartorn country. He said Saddam was a pain for his countrymen, but the doings of that Bush was far worse for them. He also cited his analysis on the looming US-Iran war, and had us pondering that such a scenario may indeed be a disaster for America, or rather for Bush & Co., virtually threatening to severe its shaky grip to the whole of Middle East.

However, as our conversation proceeded, a nasty voice chatter with a wacky twang kept butting in whenever the Iraqi guy spoke with his precarious english and threatening to turn what otherwise could have been a sensible conversation, into a highly tense circus. The guy relentlessly pestered the Iraqi's pole-vaulting effort of the english language and trip it over to land down under. The other chatters by now were threatening to pulverize the twangy chatter into smithereens, particularly for his witless contribution.

I decided to silence the nemesis. Hey, since you're an Aussie I wonder how many bottles of beer you could guzzle out. Oi, he could gobble up to 8 glasses of wine. Wine? that's docile, and I was asking for just beer, not those hard drinks. Anyway, I bet you have quality beer in your country, half-expecting he'd mention an excellent Australian variety. Sure, his favorite brand was imported from Mexico. Have you heard about our local (names the brand)? Nah, haven't heard of it, which to his swifty conclusion is definitely not of good quality. But ours is of good quality, I insisted. Nope, it pales to compare with his favorite Mexican import. But hey, our local beer is good such that whenever we drink it, it makes us smarter; I wonder about yours...
Silence...then his last words before sobering back to chat: He's good.


23 May 2007

waterfall enchantress

Finally, after many years, I returned to the waterfalls located high above Davao city's northern boundary. It was a fog draped, early morning as Yong and I dropped over after hitchhiking with Lloyd who was on his way to CDO with his pretty little daughters. Soothing silence and cool, refreshing air greeted us as we took out our bags from the car trunk as cloudy mists floated hazily with the mystifying background. What a cool welcome, and I'd like to think that the enchanting waterfalls serenely awaited us. Indeed, I am back.

There were changes too, a new sign referred to a new trail down towards our white haired enchantress. However, we opted for the usual route where we had trodded in the past.
The hut that guarded the old trail was still there, with the roadside fronting it now profusely littered with colorful rows of blooming ornamental plants displaying their potent prowess for catching travelers' attention.

Down towards the limestone trail we proceeded, nostalgia reminiscing me of a lone beetle that once flew ahead of our excursion group that literally led us along the trail like a self-confessed tour guide. The wayside now teemed with yawning yellow flowerettes nudged by early morning coolness. I expected quaint miracles along the way.

Barbed wires jutted coldly ahead of us, slicing through some man-made boundary in the evergreen thicket where there once was none. Vines futilely attempted to grasp at these sharp metal strings, wanting to reclaim their now bounded territory. I took my attention away from the illusionary scenes that some people call 'reality', knowing that
the place would rather remind me of more lasting memory imprints of this certain space-time dimension.

The forest was growing, on a trail that I faintly remembered with the clear sky exposed directly above, now shaded us with the soothing cover of a young rainforest. Shades of ochre greens, deep earth, damp barks and long entwining vines that dared you to mimic Tarzan (or Cheetah, whatever suits) swaying from tree to tree, at your own risk. A really weird looking insect, which I surmised looked like a crooked, yellow-striped hopping hook, landed on my arm and insisted that it gets my gasping attention. There's a brown butterfly fluttering, but it still looked weird, enchantingly weird.

And there's that candy wrapper, and another empty shampoo sachet. Those are not weird, those are contemptuous. Instinctively, Yong and I took the garbage away from view. I embedded mine under root crevices hidden as tangible evidence against loitering jerks for the 'judge and jurors' in here. Grin.

Like awed witnesses we proceeded further down the mystifying trail surrounded by lush deep colors of the forest, with air refreshed by morning dewdrops dangling among drowsy leaves. A large giant fern stood magnificently nearby. Its variety existed since millions of years ago and I could imagine a roaring dinosaur springing out from the dense forest to hug me.

The enchantress whispered into our ears. Her bells of rippling crystalline waters lingered in the cool air, lulling us to tread ever closer. She surprised us, the trail towards her throne was now littered with strings of sparkling brooks and miniature waterfalls; every little nook by the corners pose like picturesque postcards. These weren't here many years ago. Amazing, she could even paint bits of landscape masterpieces, and it's live!

Gradually, her rippling crystalline song reached crescendo as we approached nearer, heaving beyond the scant palmera covering as viewed from the vantage earthy balcony. There she was, eternally washing her crystal white hair in a now widened sparkling emerald pool, more beautiful than ever.

Except for those junk food foil packs and water bottles wildly scattered on the other bank irrevelently left behind by loiterers with ugly habits of disposing their garbage. If their kind multiply too rapidly, it will be tragedy for this planet.

Yong and I decided to tour the vicinity that we so missed before taking the dive for the emerald waters. We crossed a makeshift bridge built above the falls where a scenic landscape waited for us. I took just one strawberry from the nearby field as we proceeded towards the ditch dug by Japanese soldiers during WW2. The vantage view from the ditch was a paradox mixture of beauty and the ugliness of war. There were holes where the Japs drilled to place their rifle nozzles, waiting to ambush allied soldiers. One could imagine those brave liberators emerging from the enchanting waterfalls, only to be straffed by enemy bullets.

Having enough of imaginary war adventures, we had to forcibly proceed towards the cottages strewn with all kinds of garbage before returning to the other riverbank. Too late for the Japs, the new culprits, those garbage throwers already left before they could be punished by firing squad. To cross back to our cottage we tiptoed across the large logs bridging towards the other bank, which also worked as a makeshift dam to create an artificial pool.

Bathing at the pool literally had you swimming with mineral water, for the alluring shape of the waterfalls was sculpted by centuries of mineral deposits. Its cool, rejuvenating waters seep through the skin pores, and the ripple of the falling waters massage like nature's version of jacuzzi, replete with some ergonomic tubs if you're inquisitive enough to find it.

Previously Yong planned to tour the beckoning areas further down the river. Hey, that's a good idea, I could show to him a place that looked like a strange altar. It seemed like a grotto with a cavity by a small cliff, and at the center was a large rock slab with some strange greenish ooze dripping out from the soil around it, probably caused by some mineral deposits. Yeah, and I could even find for him that weird place down the river where I had a strange experience. I once heard someone said PSSSSTT! loud enough for me to get startled, as if the source was just some feet beside me. I surmised it was my other acquaintances who were following behind me. Not until I looked back and discovered they were too far to be heard as audibly. So, let's start the trek!

Yong decreed that the plan will no longer proceed. Wha...

Anyway, there's a cave underneath the caretakers' hut. Shucks, I forgot to bring a flashlight. But not to worry, I inquired with the caretaker's boy if we could borrow flashlight from them, and he replied it was perfectly alright. I remembered that other cave some hundreds of meters from our location. Many years ago Yong and I entered that cave, and he kept ridiculing me for being jittery when a bat chased us away. I defended that unlike me, he did not see those horridly large spiders living along the crevices of the cave's very narrow and dark passageway. From its blackish, hairy tentacles jutting out of the rocks, I estimated the body of the critters could be more than 3 inches long. But this cave, I assured was different, although the last time I went there I had no flashlight. So I just randomly took pictures from a chamber that spouted some strange gurgling noise, with the camera flash. When it was developed, an image of a crystal clear spring spewing out from the stalactites appeared in the pictures. I assured Yong there weren't any spiders lurking in that cave as far as my short stint was concerned. But if there were any, I'd be glad to show it to him so he could understand why I reacted that way. So, let's go spelunkering!

Yong replied with a flat face that read: No Way.

I guess it was time to go back to the highway. By now we went to the other trail. It was artificially manicured compared to the previous one, but the benefit was that along the way, one sees massive stonehenge-like limestone boulders that kept jutting the landscape. Then I saw a weird ladybug. Picture it like your ordinary specie (but much larger and yellow in color), except that it seemed to be wearing some kind of plastic raincoat extending over its body. I followed the creature in an attempt to take pictures with my mobile phone. With the way the lilliputan scampered, the bug was obviously irritated and tried to hide among the leaves away from its admiring intruder. That led me to its ridiculous looking neighbor, a very large but fragile looking longleg spider, which I suspect stared at me with a quizzical look.

I will have to leave them, but a dark brown, tiny juvenile snake stoically poised on a large rock by the trail interrupted our hike. Its immobile posture was deceptive, for it was posed to strike at any trekker who dared come too close for its comfort. I threw some pebbles just enough to startle it and go scamper somewhere else, but the creature remained adamant, not moving even a single beat. I had to leave that snake too, but it should be smart enough not to hurt anybody even while protecting its territory. If it really had to, at least may it choose to kiss those garbage throwers.

We're now back at the highway. Fortunately there weren't any buses around yet, so I challenged Yong that we go hike further down, who grudgingly obliged. Only the cool air and soothing silence of the hills played like music to my ears. I tried to look for the exact place where I once witnessed the skeletal remains of a salvage victim. But it seemed vague now, overcome by the insistence that life goes on in this beautiful place. It was that experience that led me to discover the enchanting waterfalls.

The awesome landscape of the wide Arakan Valley ethereally remained with the distinct character of the soothing place. Above it, a magnificent brahminy kite soared over its kingdom. I told Yong I'll make it come nearer, jokingly. Or was I?

Minutes later the magnificent bird hovered very near for our amazement. I could see its healthy brown plumage spread proudly and nobly with the background of sun rays. It looked at me, and our eyes met.