03 September 2007

shortest sci fi

These were probably the shortest (six words) sci fi I had written when a website challenged readers to post theirs at sixwordscifi. You might like to try it too.

"The universe reacted with his thought."

Sigh, I had reservations for the other phrase "Did you detach my left arm?" Even with such seemingly simple challenge one still needs to vigilantly maintain the discipline in composing literary pieces. Many images could prop out of that phrase, like, was the hero a cyborg? Or did they have such excellent anesthetics the character didn't notice his anatomy part got detached? Recently I had observed that the phrase, unlike the previous one, does not necessarily complete a story because it hangs with a question. If I could change that, I would rephrase it with:

"Do not detach her left foot."

Maybe that would open up with more possibilities, like, "ooh...the culprit still had the gall to detach the cute cyborg's foot, now something's brewing..." etc.


gscohn said...

great post -- isn't it interesting how many ambiguities six words still leaves room for?

Ric Vil Hori said...

that's human creativity, thanks for your comment :-)