06 April 2008

Lost Horizon

The recent events occuring in Tibet made me recall the classic film "Lost Horizon."

Actually, this film by Burt Bacharach (he is a gift to humanity) was my childhood frustration in which I could still remember up to now. We also had a vinyl record of it and my insistent demands had kept it playing most of the time. I even drew sketches of the palace copied from the record case. It was the early 70's and I was very, very young then. I watched with great enthusiasm as the movie was shown on TV. Then...a brownout occured!! Aaarggh!!

Thanks to the youtube era I recently got a glimpse of this wonderful film, but only managed to get just that...glimpses (sigh).


The recent outcry in Tibet manifests that the Human Spirit shall not be stifled in a box, not even by secular government.

Hey, they made a replay on Star Wars, why not Lost Horizon?

I want replay! I want replay!