03 August 2007

parallel dimension and ideal future...

I call this my "Rocket's Theory:"

Parallel Dimension and Ideal Future

I perceive that to define our existing Present universe (E=mc^2), there is the need to incorporate 3 more dimensional 'realities.' But these must be perceived from the observer's viewpoint within the Singularity, where past, present and future gets blurred. We will follow 4 perceived realities that interlink one with another, and to perceive these other three parts are necessary to define one part (our Present existing physical universe).

The first is what I would term as Ideal Past, wherein it incorporated our classics, myths, legends, glories that we put into our memory. This reality is implosive, centripetal, that’s why I will have it in squareroot. The pattern of Ideal Past will be:

E=mass times square root of c^2

The Ideal Past will constitute the rest mass of the Present E=mc^2 which is expansive, centrifugal by nature. The patterns of the Ideal Past is necessary to create our Present. Our Present is the E=mc^2, where:

E = mass times square of c(rest mass) times c(observer-relative)

Then the third reality, which is a pre-existent pattern (refer here) of what we are about to enter, will be the Ideal Future, and like the Ideal Past, is implosive, centripetal in nature. Here I will assign a third powerful unit, c=Awareness and the observer now becomes aware. The “c” in E=mc^2 relative to the observer is now differentiated. There is an observer who is “unaware”, and an observer who is “aware”. Such makes a big difference and should be considered. The Awareness is acquired after the knowledge from the Ideal Past is revealed, extracted from Present, then transported as quantified knowledge for the Ideal Future. Being implosive, centripetal, the pattern of Ideal Future will be:

E = mass times cuberoot of c(rest mass) times c(Awareness) times c(observer-relative-Aware).

Then, we will proceed to what I term as the Parallel Present, which is the parallel dimension to our Present, and it is also centrifugal, expansive in nature. The equation for Parallel Present will also be E=mc^2, but this time incorporating with it the powerful 3rd force of Awareness and the Ideal Future becoming its rest mass (cuberoot of c^3), and eventually integrated as new data for the Parallel Present:

E=mass times square of c(rest mass from Ideal Future cuberoot c^3) times c(observer-relative-Aware)

The Parallel Present, similarly as the Present, both being centrifugal, expansive dimensions, are like catalysts for the expansion of our Universe.

The new c (Awareness) is powerful enough to transform the Future we are about to enter, into an Ideal one. And when such time comes, the Aware Ones would be highly able to propel such energy into highly advanced technologies as interstellar and interdimensional, or time travel, free energy, with our highly Evolved Consciousness and civilizations by then.

With the 'theoretical' Ideal Future in the realm of imagination, anything can be possible with the profound addition of c=Awareness. However, this realm is yet tangible and may yet be perceived with Pre-Existent Pattern, the Unseen (or rather yet to be seen) of the Reality Vision mentioned at my Pro-Culture post.

The actual Future, as a consequent result of Humanity being Aware, will propel itself to a much higher dimension with the Evolution of Consciousness. Evolution incorporates all the dimensions, and expand these to a higher Dimensional level. Mass will then reflect this, being relative and such Evolution will be physically manifested with ESP, advanced technologies, interstellar travel, etc. This will be the amazing era borne from the Pre-Existent Pattern of Ideal Future, which an 'enlightened' civilization is about to manifest as Reality, that is when we choose to.

02 August 2007

a city, era century 23

My vision of a city, in the year 2276...posted at http://maharlika23.blogspot.com

It is my on-going sci fi composition.

30 July 2007

a vision on Culture

Here is one of my "rocket's philosophy". It is a vision on Culture.

I call it 'rocket philosophy' from the username that I often use at internet chatrooms and forums when I express ideas over there.

A Vision on Culture

For Vision to be revealed is to reveal it with actions.
Culture is action.
Culture cannot be subjectively defined,
rather it is subjectively approached.
Neither is it limited or defined objectively,
rather objectivity are patterns that follow or guide it.
It is relative with one to another.
I speak of culture not by defining it
But by acknowledging that I am a relative part of it.

I. Relative.
II. Culture is an inevitable endeavor. To deny it will result to culture of denial.
To suppress it will result to culture of suppression.
To deny selflessness in culture will eventually result to culture of selfishness.
Culture based on selfishness will result to culture of greed.

II. Selflessness
I. As culture is inevitable, there is the need is to perceive cultural endeavors
that encourage selflessness, as reaction to concerns when
excessive commercialism becomes prevalent to culture
which may eventually succumb to the pitfalls of selfishness.
II. The dilemma is when societies equate prosperity and progress
with the necessity of selfishness, when these can be
achieved with the alternative approach of Selflessness.
III. However it is contemplated that such dilemma may have
occurred from the manipulation of belief systems
That thrive on selfishness for the survival of such belief systems,
rather than for the survival of society itself.

III. Pro-Culture
I. I may term the perception that the
implications of culture in human endeavors
are of important concern to human existence, as Pro-Culture.
II. In this vision, Pro-Culture is the perception that
Cultural endeavors towards human awareness
(with mention to social, artistic, scientific, and intellectual pursuits)
to the human experience are of
foremost concern to secular human life,
III. And with its inevitable and continuing progress
Pro-Culture is to be identified with Selflessness
as opposed to selfishness.
IV. The struggle to Selflessness
is not to deny one’s self, but rather to free one’s Self
from impartiality of belief systems of a material world,
its pitfalls, and selfishness that it encourages.
It is a rebirth of Self minus selfishness.
V. Pro-Culture is the perspective that the Ideals of Culture are achieved
through Selfless contributions and motives of individuals to society and Humanity.

IV. Selfishness
I. In Pro-Culture, selfishness is differentiated from rational self-interest
for the latter is motivated on introspective examination
with the aspect of Self for the
purpose of being aware with oneself in relation to one’s environment.
Such motivation would eventually manifest the holistic character of
Self relative with one’s fellows and environment
And in general with the intangible aspect of Self.
II. "Awareness of Self results to Selflessness.
Ignorance of Self results to selfishness."
III. Selflessness is an abstract concept as
opposed to the defined motive
and behavior of selfishness that
disregards the intangible aspect of Self;
IV. However the endeavors that Selflessness contributes
may result to tangible benefits, but in contrary
To the consequent effects of selfishness.
V. Selflessness is perceived as
antithesis to selfishness.
VI. Selfishness is not denied from views on reality; rather selfishness is
to be viewed as a primitive aspect of human nature that may be transcended over
with the culture of sincere endeavors among individuals,
in fairness and justice, with the wisdom, creativity and empathy
in overcoming its consequences.
VII. Selfishness is to be identified with certain belief systems
for its supposed benefits as defined by such systems,
and experiential necessities to the understanding of human existence.
VIII. Selfishness in Pro-Culture is every individual's struggle, hence
its endeavors for betterment start at the very basic level,
as it starts with every individual.

V.Seen and Unseen
I. The present attempt at manipulation of culture
to selfishness by certain belief systems for gratification of self
may be based on materialistic belief systems;
Materialism defines the concept of reality
only by what is seen or tangible.
II. In Pro-Culture, Reality is both in the Seen dimension (material, tangible)
and Unseen dimension(nonmaterial, intangible).
To deny the Unseen is an impartial perspective of Reality.
III. Selfishness, as opposed to the abstract and intangible concept of Selflessness,
is a manifestation with definite and defined motives biased to the tangible,
thus it will not be identified with the intangible.
IV. Therefore the attempt of materialism to define Reality
With a bias to the Seen is erroneous,
although the bandwagon where it rides,
logic and rationality, are important tools.
V. Pro-Culture rejects materialism for the limited
characteristics of matter is imposed
on human insights, an attempt to
reduce the Self from its mystery, into a
commodity or tool for the machinery
of materialistic manipulations.
VI. The denial of materialism to the Unseen dimension of Reality
imply that it is an approach that thrives on ignorance to such side,
to the limiting and stifling of the broad purpose of Self

VII. and profoundness of human life that otherwise enable
Consciousness to pursue and realize
the mystery of its Ultimate Vision.
VIII. Systems that thrive on human ignorance to the Unseen
is considered unnecessary to Pro-Culture,
and its ‘comforts’ considered as illusions
due to impartial bias to views on reality.
IX. Selfishness-induced viewpoints should be confronted with
knowledge, inner wisdom and truth, in the spirit of
peaceful contention and quest for awareness.
X. Hence Pro-Culture encourages the pursuit of knowledge and experience
as consequences with both tangible and intangible values rather than on
sole pursuance of material manifestations offered by materialistic belief systems.

VI. Justice and Freedom
I. Pro-Culture acknowledges abstract concepts of Reality,
for Selflessness is in itself abstract, yet its tangible
results designed to benefit humanity identifies with the
Balance perspective of Justice and Freedom.
II. "Freedom expands one’s universe
Justice may curve it."
III. The ultimate purpose of discovery
is not to solely to gain from it,
but eventually to free it.
IV. To seek for Truth, seek for freedom.
To begin with freedom, and end with freedom
is to gain Freedom.
V. Pro-Culture seeks truth, and to seek truth, it seeks Freedom.
VI. Selfishness does not seek truth,
but seeks only for its own profit.
Selfishness and its opposing views are
deleted when Justice is achieved.
VII. True Justice thrives on Freedom.

VIII. Freedom is essential to Pro-Culture;
however with freedom requires responsibility.
Such responsibility is achieved with empirical and moral insights
in an environment that encourages Awareness.

VII. Reality Vision
I. Justice is an essential factor of Pro-Culture,
and such justice is applied with the perspective of Balance
with what will be termed as the Reality Vision.
II. Pro-Culture acknowledges that Reality is both the Seen Reality and the Unseen Reality.
III. Hence Pro-Culture is the Awareness and achievement of its
Balance, and from this Balance Universal Justice is assured.
This is the Reality Vision of Pro-Culture.
IV. The Seen may also imply the tangible, or boundaries of one’s perceived universe,
and the Unseen may imply the wide scope of probabilities of parallel dimensions and multiverses.
With this perspective the views on Self is expanded,
and such is relative to the perspective of Reality Vision.
V. Balance is the key to Justice, not suppression of
a side to the other, sometimes at the guise of Order.
VI. Thus Pro-Culture perceives the importance of Balance over Order.
Awareness to both sides of Seen and Unseen
is the key to Balance.
VII. The Universe is in its order only because of
The order of that which is Seen.
The awareness of Unseen Universe
Will render that the Universe is in Balance with it.

VIII. Nature
I. This Balance is also achieved through
Harmony with Nature.

II. Pro-Culture
perceives nature not as mere
dominion to subdue and exploit;
Certain endeavors show proof that such excuses
are perceived by selfishness-based belief systems that
eventually result to unjust exploitation and pollution.
III. Pro-Culture acknowledges the profound significance
of Nature, not just economically but in
cultural and inspirational perspectives as well.
IV. Nature is a manifestation of tangible and eloquent patterns emanating
from the intangible dimensions of Mystery and created in the Balance of it.
Nature contributes on understanding Humanity and its mystery.
V. Nature is a Conscious entity
And not a mere commodity.
VI. To harmonize with Nature
rather than the sole excuse of exploiting it
is a necessary factor for human survival
and understanding what is to be human.

IX. Survival
I. Survival of Self is not to be equated with selfishness.
Selfishness is to be equated with belief systems
that thrive on the primitive side of human nature
for the survival of such systems.
II. However, Pro-Culture considers wanton selfishness
as a threat to humanity’s survival.
III. Survival as perceived in Pro-Culture is the necessary expansion of
Awarenes with both knowledge and the
mysteries of Universe, being in existence with it.
IV. Suppression of such awareness, motivated by the antithesis in selfishness
may be considered a threat to humanity’s survival
in the wider dimensions and perspectives of Reality other than the
biased reality or belief systems that selfishness finds its excuse.

X. Prosperity
I. The consequent prosperity that may result from Pro-Culture is mainly
achieved in its pursuit of wealth in knowledge and Awareness.
II. The material benefits, among other benefits,
is a byproduct of Pro-Culture, rather than its end result.
Prosperity in Pro-Culture is to be defined holistically.
III. Pro-Culture thrives in the wealth of
human experience, and follows the complexity of the
of the Human Phenomenon and
the pursuit of the Evolution of Consciousness;
IV. Pro-Culture may not follow prosperity,
but prosperity follows Pro-Culture.
Pro-Culture follows the Human Phenomenon.
Human Phenomenon is the experience of life itself.
V. Prosperity in Pro-Culture is to be equated with the
holistic perspective of both the tangible and intangible wealth
achieved from selfless contributions.

XII. Endeavors
I. Pro-Culture is contributory to the diverse conglomeration of human endeavors in various fields: Literary and Artistic endeavors, Science and Technology, Entertainment and human experience, ‘enlightened’ Politics and Economics.
II. Every one is an active participant and is encouraged to contribute. Pro-Culture differentiates itself with prevalent endeavors in that it is achieved through Selflessness and yet its contributing factor will benefit humanity in general as such is its purpose.
III. Pro-Culture acknowledges the valuable contributions of
various cultures of humanity preceding it,
finding foothold in its strengths and learning from its lessons.
IV. Endeavors implying selfishness are not considered as contributing factor to,
but rather as remnants of previous belief systems predating Pro-Culture,
as individuals require material ‘survival’ on such yet prevailing cultures.
V. However Pro-Culture will flourish amidst the previous cultures or systems,
holistically fusing itself with it and creating from its interaction transitional
and gradual development, and will be a continuing dynamic force in the
inevitable metamorphosis for Change.

XIII. Pre-existent Patterns
I. Culture is perceived as the patterns of human endeavors identified with
civilization and its development. However with the nature of dynamic movements of culture, Pro-Culture also considers what will be termed as ‘pre-existent patterns
as part of its cohesive perspective.
II. As Pro-Culture identifies Reality both with the Seen and Unseen,
the abstract and tangible, positive and negative, the Vision Reality
perceived by Pro-Culture implies such personal aspects as
intuition, premonition, symbol patterns such as in dreams, and the like of
complex patterns which may have provided, not surprisingly,
considerable contributions to personal and intimate endeavors
attested among individuals on certain creative and artistic pursuits, compositions,
technological inventions, and other products of such talents,
III. wherein these individuals will attest that such insights are achieved
in the spirit of Selfless contribution, and in the personal awareness of Self.
IV. These considerations to cognitive patterns are part of the dynamic pursuit of
Pro-Culture towards Reality Vision and its holistic perspective of Human Reality.

XIV. Beyond
I. Hence Pro-Culture does not limit itself on established belief systems and its limitations, but rather seeks insights beyond these existing patterns in the foremost of cultural endeavors of human activity. This is the contributing factor of
Pro-Culture to human development.
II. Thus Pro-Culture will incorporate various fields as important factors to the
Reality Vision on the Seen and Unseen phenomenon, the tangible and abstract,
towards the continuing development and quest for awareness.
III. These include metaphysics, quantum mechanics,
Synchronicity (not compromise) of eastern, indigenous, classical and western philosophy,
psychic phenomena, extraterrestrial dimensions,
legends and symbolic mythology, and other abstract or transcending factors, and
properly discerned in just and fair views relative to cultural contributions and to Human Phenomenon.
IV. With the Human Phenomenon, Consciousness is relative with Pro-Culture.
V. Pro-Culture does not limit the capacity of Human Consciousness,
and rejects belief systems that attempt to limit it.
VI. Human limitation is to be seen as the limitation of knowing one’s Self
hence its necessity to limit one’s environment and belief systems.

XV. Mystery
I. Pro-Culture acknowledges the continuance of
Mystery of the Universe surrounding it,
and does not limit the concept of Truth.
II. Endeavors in Science pursue truth from among the tangible,
Endeavors in Art pursue truth from among the intangible, and
Mystery is the catalyst for the pursuit.
III. From such Mystery Life is brought forth.
Life is the "eloquent pattern" of such Mystery.
IV. Pro-Culture perceives that the awareness of the Unseen dimension
broadens the perspectives of Seen dimension and it is
with the awareness of the Essence, the Muse of such Mystery, that
inspires the Self to create from the intangible, Unseen Reality
an endeavor, an invention, an artwork, a composition
And other tangible results to the culture of Seen Reality that are
in acknowledgement and in harmony with both dimensions;
V. and with the dance and Balance of both,
Selflessness and Universal Justice and responsible Freedom are achieved.
VI. "The limits of one’s universe
is not outside one’s self
But within the Self."
To limit one’s Self, is to limit one’s universe;
not to limit one’s Self, is not to limit one’s universe.

"Visions that approach beyond reason are achieved

When there is no reason why not."