03 August 2007

parallel dimension and ideal future...

I call this my "Rocket's Theory:"

Parallel Dimension and Ideal Future

I perceive that to define our existing Present universe (E=mc^2), there is the need to incorporate 3 more dimensional 'realities.' But these must be perceived from the observer's viewpoint within the Singularity, where past, present and future gets blurred. We will follow 4 perceived realities that interlink one with another, and to perceive these other three parts are necessary to define one part (our Present existing physical universe).

The first is what I would term as Ideal Past, wherein it incorporated our classics, myths, legends, glories that we put into our memory. This reality is implosive, centripetal, that’s why I will have it in squareroot. The pattern of Ideal Past will be:

E=mass times square root of c^2

The Ideal Past will constitute the rest mass of the Present E=mc^2 which is expansive, centrifugal by nature. The patterns of the Ideal Past is necessary to create our Present. Our Present is the E=mc^2, where:

E = mass times square of c(rest mass) times c(observer-relative)

Then the third reality, which is a pre-existent pattern (refer here) of what we are about to enter, will be the Ideal Future, and like the Ideal Past, is implosive, centripetal in nature. Here I will assign a third powerful unit, c=Awareness and the observer now becomes aware. The “c” in E=mc^2 relative to the observer is now differentiated. There is an observer who is “unaware”, and an observer who is “aware”. Such makes a big difference and should be considered. The Awareness is acquired after the knowledge from the Ideal Past is revealed, extracted from Present, then transported as quantified knowledge for the Ideal Future. Being implosive, centripetal, the pattern of Ideal Future will be:

E = mass times cuberoot of c(rest mass) times c(Awareness) times c(observer-relative-Aware).

Then, we will proceed to what I term as the Parallel Present, which is the parallel dimension to our Present, and it is also centrifugal, expansive in nature. The equation for Parallel Present will also be E=mc^2, but this time incorporating with it the powerful 3rd force of Awareness and the Ideal Future becoming its rest mass (cuberoot of c^3), and eventually integrated as new data for the Parallel Present:

E=mass times square of c(rest mass from Ideal Future cuberoot c^3) times c(observer-relative-Aware)

The Parallel Present, similarly as the Present, both being centrifugal, expansive dimensions, are like catalysts for the expansion of our Universe.

The new c (Awareness) is powerful enough to transform the Future we are about to enter, into an Ideal one. And when such time comes, the Aware Ones would be highly able to propel such energy into highly advanced technologies as interstellar and interdimensional, or time travel, free energy, with our highly Evolved Consciousness and civilizations by then.

With the 'theoretical' Ideal Future in the realm of imagination, anything can be possible with the profound addition of c=Awareness. However, this realm is yet tangible and may yet be perceived with Pre-Existent Pattern, the Unseen (or rather yet to be seen) of the Reality Vision mentioned at my Pro-Culture post.

The actual Future, as a consequent result of Humanity being Aware, will propel itself to a much higher dimension with the Evolution of Consciousness. Evolution incorporates all the dimensions, and expand these to a higher Dimensional level. Mass will then reflect this, being relative and such Evolution will be physically manifested with ESP, advanced technologies, interstellar travel, etc. This will be the amazing era borne from the Pre-Existent Pattern of Ideal Future, which an 'enlightened' civilization is about to manifest as Reality, that is when we choose to.


Anonymous said...

by theory, you mean the everyday use of it, a HYPOTHESIS by Scientific definition, or a right?

and NOT a Scientific Theory, a well established, peer reviewed, testable, observable and repeatable process using the "Scientific Method" right?

Ric Vil Hori said...

It's more like Empirical.