13 March 2008

what is your opinion?

Perhaps you may want to answer this question on Philippine education that I posted at answers.yahoo.com.

It seems that the state of education in this country, even among top schools was geared to teaching into making graduates as mere efficient commodities for the economic machinery, rather than teaching or encouraging students how to build this nation.The educational system seemed to disregard the value of Culture, Art, Literature in nation building so as to give it valuable 'soul '. That is why most Filipinos are not supportive of artworks or have no passion for reading, and are easily manipulated by crass commercialism or succumb to foreign interest. It seemed the educational system had failed on these.Do you agree or otherwise? What is your opinion?

You can post your answers by clicking here, or even at the comment section of this blog.

questions, answers, and stuffs they don't let you answer

Recently, one of yahoo's services got my interest at answers.yahoo.com. Cool, so I began sharing answers ranging from dream interpretation to seemingly non-sensical "do you think monkeys are funny?" (to which I replied, 'if you find humans funny, then they are').

Another dreamer had this 'nightmare' about witnessing a school shootout, hiding inside a closet with his girlfriend and them getting amorous, until he got shot eventually. I found the dream sequence shallow though and lacking in indepth symbols as the subconscious use as language, so I answered maybe he got too engrossed with violent films that profited much on his fears. He replied, excitedly, that he had always wanted to be a movie director! Strange though, the thread got deleted from my list.

Then there's this question, "Are there any intelligent Americans left?", which was a poster's ranting about Bush signing the waterboarding (no, it's not a surfer's lingo) torture against Guantanamo prisoners.

I posted this reply, and I believe my equally pis_ed-off American e-friends at a politics chatroom I frequented will agree with me regarding their decadent fellows:

I consider an American to be pathetically lacking in humane intellect if he/she:

- relies too much on puppet corporate media for information

- thinks Bush is the best president

- worships a money god as hypocrties do for their greed

- votes for politicians with the agenda for continuing the WAR economy

-thinks he/she is better than the rest of humanity just because he/she sucks better

-abhors organic food over chemical lazed junk foods.

-points to Asia in the map when asked where his/her country is located

- concludes that waterboarding is a surfer's lingo because he/she didn't bother to look at a search engine.

Weird, but that controversial thread also got erased from the list.