23 August 2007

rocket's dictionary

Some new words I once composed and posted at a science forum.

From my 'rocket's dictionary':

boogle: the act of confusion resulting from excessive data. (I coined it from google, except that 'boogle' is the utter perplexity of being bombarded with vast amount of information.)

carbonated: lively, animated but distinctively human behavior. Definitely differentiated from your silica-based extraterrestrial stellar neighbor.

"darkboned lie": hopelessly false, a bone is obviously white or lighter in color, but the state of this lie is in such hopeless case that it is compared to a very rare black or grayish bone. Examples would be 'no extraterrestrials exist in the universe,' or 'only my religion is right, yours are all wrong.'

awright: one feels a bit fine, but not necessarily 'all-right.'

...and then posting some of my my 'rocket's philosophies' molded like pearl from the dross encountered while on heated discussion at a Philippine based forum regarding my views:

"If in the endless change the ultimate mastery remains, one may choose the mediocrity that will lead one's self to be slave to someone's master, or choose for the struggle to be master of one's self." -rocket (07 Nov, 2006)

"With ideas whose time comes, these make all the sense. When one attempts to insist otherwise, it is the attempt that does not make sense. A wave does not defend itself, but by all means those confronting it must." -rocket (09 Nov 2006)

20 August 2007

barbaric 'development'

This is what happens if entrenched barbarians 'develop' a country.

I wonder how any self-respecting, civilized country would react to this. Cagayanons 'enlightened' enough to notice the threat against the nation's priceless heritage should protect it.


Made me wonder why one of the forumers at skyscrapercity.com called me as such. Maybe due the name that I preferred to use, or perhaps by the chopsticks from my impromptu art (those pics were taken at a Davao and Manila foodstall, I like the challenge of chopsticks when there's excuse to use them). Just a little hint, the last word on my 'name' was taken from two Japanese words (I'm not Japanese), inspired by a profound memory recall that I'd prefer to keep to myself because not everyone might be able to comprehend it, yet.

Besides, in an environment where endeavors such as literature and the arts were not as encouraged, why would a surname or a society discourage me from pursuing my Vision? I'd rather make my own name and see myself as an 'Earth Citizen' (don't you mistake it for the bogus NWO of that oil sucker Bush). Maybe it's because of the educational system in this country. The system may have done well at teaching the populace how to be skilled, english speaking, efficient commodities for the global economic machinery, but not much at teaching how to build a deeply rooted, cultured nation. Talk about national stupidity. But who knows maybe things are changing for the better nowadays, unlike before, perhaps.

But I could say I tend to be 'detached.' It is my way of enabling me to grasp the 'staggering scope' [as a fellow blogger put it about my scifi] of the Vision that I perceive. If I must tag myself, I would rather prefer to be called 'Earth Citizen'. I am intimate with my Planet, and if any city or my country or your country mess up with the beauty of my Planet, that will be deserving of contempt. Davao, the city I happen to be in, seems intent at protecting both the environment and the culture though, and hopefully its citizens are not as culturally clueless as any roaming sophisticated semi-'barbarian' that one encounters. Those who wantonly pollute, wage hypocritical wars on the surface of my Planet are aptly called OUTSIDERS.

(Earthquake occurs)

19 August 2007

'rocket's philosophies'

Some of my 'Rocket's Philosophies:'

· Visions that approach beyond reason are achieved when there is no reason why not.

· Consciousness is the source of gravity.

· To begin with freedom, and to end with freedom, is to gain freedom.

· Freedom expands the universe, Justice may curve it.

· The limits of one’s universe is not outside one’s self, but within. To limit one’s self is to limit one’s universe; not to limit one’s self is not to limit one’s universe.

· It’s a big universe; stop seeing things like a protozoa who thinks the puddle is the only universe that existed.

· Beware of fundamentalism; its followers make any thing or any one evil except the root of evil in which they are guilty of.

·Beware the tripping over with overused left brain and empty right part.

· There are other sides in every issue and neither side can claim monopoly of truth.

· Reality is both the seen and unseen; to disregard the unseen will render one’s reality an illusion.

· The Illusion of reality and the Reality of illusion.

· Art may create imaginations and fantasies, but it does not create illusions.

· I postulate that the core of planetary bodies, stars, and each and every thing around – are vortices.

· Since matter cannot exceed lightspeed, I postulate that it duplicates instead when subjected beyond lightspeed.

· Some questions are ridiculous, but what if the answers are ridiculous?

· Some questions already have answers. I prefer answers that unfold like questions.

· A blind cannot see what you see, but he may be keen to what you cannot see.

· Einstein said god does not play dice with the universe. I say god uses dice when playing; and life is a game.

I prefer not to limit Providence in 3 letters. I prefer to be continually awed.

· Some are serious about having fun; I’m having fun about being serious.

· It takes one to know everything before he can say he knows nothing. I don’t know everything, so I won’t say I know nothing :)

· Me not into rockets, but sometimes me thinks like one.

- Ric Vil Hori