05 November 2007


This is still about the cloud forming thing which caused some stir when I posted the experience at our batchmates' website(our jubilee is on 2012; hmm...that's the time when the Mayan calendar ends and wonder what strange things are going to happen by the time these guys will celebrate it). Djan, who was my highschool classmate, reacted with his antic again and retorted that I was being 'childish'. The first time I met this guy I nearly gave him a flying kick because he kept messing my hair. After that our past time (for the last 22 years haha!) is debating , non-stop. Now he's at it again.

Childish? Hah! So I gave him a reply to leave him wacking his brains out (he's actually one of the smartest in class. In fact he's so smart with his brain functioning 24/7 he's turned insomniac):

Djan why childish? cloud forming is electromagnetic manipulation of the molecular frequencies of water vapor using your innate vortex effecting the core vorteces of things around you...

I wonder if he got sleepless after reading that (grin).