15 May 2008

perceived threat to China's materialistic communist regime

It is intriguing that unlike the other communist states in the West, Communist China had managed to survive the tides of change. I surmised the crucial factor that caused the crumbling down of Western Communism was generally due to its materialistic based ideology. Materialism may be a practical tool, but I believe that elevating it into an institution would be an error.

However, witnessing the atrocities committed by a materialistic government against the peaceful, noble people of Tibet only managed to expose its flaws. Tibetan history and culture, and its profoundly philosophical belief system spanning for centuries was firmed indomitable enough against threats implemented by an outside force and attempts at 'reimmersing' the Tibetan people. Like the Chinese culture, The Tibetan legacy withstood impressively for many centuries. The materialistc Chinese regime, which seemed to treat these noble souls of a noble country as if mere commodities and statistics for the communist machinery, only began in the early part of the 20th century.

Materialistic communism in China may have managed to hold on despite the collapse of its counterparts in the West, but I analyze that there is, after all, a challenge strong enough to crumble one of the last bastions of materialistic ideology, for even this regime perceived it as the threat to its pedestal.

The challenge shall be with Tibet. Tibet is a worthy catalyst for China to free itself from the bondage of a materialistic ideology and for China to once again achieve its greatness.

12 May 2008

Tibet and Buddhism

With the events that recently occured in Tibet, these movies had somehow opened me up to the profound importance of that enchanting yet real place and the atrocities committed against them. The movies provide a glimpse of the profoundly high degree of philosophy that these noble people possess, transcending even beyond this secular world:

Little Buddha
The Life of Buddha

One of those that impressed me in the films were the animal 'actors' (of course the large snake in "The Life of Buddha" was a prop, I meant those real animals) and how 'well' the creatures played their part.

(I discovered later that an Earthquake occured in China 12 May 2008)