11 August 2007

Consciousness is source of gravity

I call this my "Rocket's Philosophy:"

This view was conceptualized way back in the year 2000, when, during our lively discussions at a physics chatroom, someone inquired: "what is gravity?"

And so I quipped the conventional answer: gravity is curvature in space. But even that did not satisfy, it's just like going in circles without answering anything. Then I remembered reading a book about Eastern Thought, in which the author stated that among those into Eastern philosophy, Consciousness is said to be in the realm of c^2 in Einstein's E=mc^2. Now, that kept us brainstorming and whacking up until I came up with the radical view that Consciousness may be the source of gravity. The other chatters, definitely with considerable background in the physics field (or else who would bother entering a physics chatroom) bombarded my view with all sorts of technical rebuttals, but it stood adamantly from the storm. Until the storm weathered down and as our minds rested exhaustedly, the latter part of chat sounded something like this (somewhat paraphrased):

rocket: any more discussions about gravity?


chatter 1: you answered gravity


chatter 2: GRAVITY IS GOD!

rocket: WHAT?

rocket: nope

rocket: god has gravity...

Gravity is said to be caused by the curvature in
space. but it seemed like a chicken-egg dilemma.

In the theory (E=mc^2) it's squared the speed of light in
mass and mass is present in the curvature. Among perceivers of Eastern Philosophy it’s been said that Consciousness is in the realm of C^2. The realm of matter cannot bound it for matter cannot travel beyond lightspeed (I postulate it just duplicates, but that’s another story). It is not even enough to contain it in just a boundary of space-time dimension or by limits of materialist machinations. Consciousness can pierce the barrier beyond it or lightspeed. Consciousness is vital in space and time; the Observer.

There is the core source of Gravity. To
a profound degree Consciousness is within that core,
the source of curvature, mass created by it,
and gravity is the manifestation of the presence of Consciousness.

07 August 2007

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