03 July 2008


"The measure of how deep one probes the past will determine how high one aims for the future."

-Ric Vil Hori

29 June 2008

My comment to a discussion at pinoyexchange regarding a supposed phenomenon beyond this planet that may occur as 2012 approaches:

Being skeptical may be beneficial, but it remains to be seen whether one has enough discernment when amidst the hoaxes, the fragility of the truth would be noticed and preserved when the valuable moment finally comes. In this case, especially in this country with a naive people subliminally manipulated to servitude of their foreign masters seen or otherwise, so obviously glaring by name of country itself yet they do not even notice it, the lack of discernment could result to destroying and loosing certain fragile truths that such damage may be tragically wasted like pearl thrown to pig stye.

The issue does not rely whether you or I believed it or not when such mysteries in universe will always exist and extend and it will always be there in the great vastness that starkly contrasts myopic, narrowminded opinions like tiny irrelevant speck.

The issue is how one replies to the vastness of the yet to be seen, whether to be humbled, be discerning, vigilant, keeping an open mind, willing to learn in contrast to reactions that are closeminded so blinded by pathetic arrogance that amplify a hollow degree of contemptous ignorance.