20 August 2007


Made me wonder why one of the forumers at skyscrapercity.com called me as such. Maybe due the name that I preferred to use, or perhaps by the chopsticks from my impromptu art (those pics were taken at a Davao and Manila foodstall, I like the challenge of chopsticks when there's excuse to use them). Just a little hint, the last word on my 'name' was taken from two Japanese words (I'm not Japanese), inspired by a profound memory recall that I'd prefer to keep to myself because not everyone might be able to comprehend it, yet.

Besides, in an environment where endeavors such as literature and the arts were not as encouraged, why would a surname or a society discourage me from pursuing my Vision? I'd rather make my own name and see myself as an 'Earth Citizen' (don't you mistake it for the bogus NWO of that oil sucker Bush). Maybe it's because of the educational system in this country. The system may have done well at teaching the populace how to be skilled, english speaking, efficient commodities for the global economic machinery, but not much at teaching how to build a deeply rooted, cultured nation. Talk about national stupidity. But who knows maybe things are changing for the better nowadays, unlike before, perhaps.

But I could say I tend to be 'detached.' It is my way of enabling me to grasp the 'staggering scope' [as a fellow blogger put it about my scifi] of the Vision that I perceive. If I must tag myself, I would rather prefer to be called 'Earth Citizen'. I am intimate with my Planet, and if any city or my country or your country mess up with the beauty of my Planet, that will be deserving of contempt. Davao, the city I happen to be in, seems intent at protecting both the environment and the culture though, and hopefully its citizens are not as culturally clueless as any roaming sophisticated semi-'barbarian' that one encounters. Those who wantonly pollute, wage hypocritical wars on the surface of my Planet are aptly called OUTSIDERS.

(Earthquake occurs)


mtapostandard said...

hi ric i guess youre referring to forumer mtapostandard:D my sincere apology if it was offending you. it wasnt an intention at all. was seizing the moment of some sparetime. not even a thought of leaving appreciation message on your davao blogpost. just few quick ques, are you davaowenyo? you said you have digested the dicussions, do you understand tagalog? if you try mindanao thread recently archived they used tagalog. it gave me eyestrain and headache bigtime. guess my tagalog is at beginners level. try checking on the thread it might give you more understanding on what people were really like. but thank you in behalf of davao forumers thread. i invite you to join

Ric Vil Hori said...

Hi, thanks for your message. I guess I understand so there's no need to apologize. I also appreciate your support for Davao.

Taga-Dabaw man ko. I'm curious though because you mentioned regarding understanding tagalog.

Thanks for the invite, will think about it. But for the moment I'm into blogging and I presently have 3 blogsites (click 'view my complete profile'). Do feel free to visit the blogs :)