23 August 2007

rocket's dictionary

Some new words I once composed and posted at a science forum.

From my 'rocket's dictionary':

boogle: the act of confusion resulting from excessive data. (I coined it from google, except that 'boogle' is the utter perplexity of being bombarded with vast amount of information.)

carbonated: lively, animated but distinctively human behavior. Definitely differentiated from your silica-based extraterrestrial stellar neighbor.

"darkboned lie": hopelessly false, a bone is obviously white or lighter in color, but the state of this lie is in such hopeless case that it is compared to a very rare black or grayish bone. Examples would be 'no extraterrestrials exist in the universe,' or 'only my religion is right, yours are all wrong.'

awright: one feels a bit fine, but not necessarily 'all-right.'

...and then posting some of my my 'rocket's philosophies' molded like pearl from the dross encountered while on heated discussion at a Philippine based forum regarding my views:

"If in the endless change the ultimate mastery remains, one may choose the mediocrity that will lead one's self to be slave to someone's master, or choose for the struggle to be master of one's self." -rocket (07 Nov, 2006)

"With ideas whose time comes, these make all the sense. When one attempts to insist otherwise, it is the attempt that does not make sense. A wave does not defend itself, but by all means those confronting it must." -rocket (09 Nov 2006)

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