13 March 2008

questions, answers, and stuffs they don't let you answer

Recently, one of yahoo's services got my interest at answers.yahoo.com. Cool, so I began sharing answers ranging from dream interpretation to seemingly non-sensical "do you think monkeys are funny?" (to which I replied, 'if you find humans funny, then they are').

Another dreamer had this 'nightmare' about witnessing a school shootout, hiding inside a closet with his girlfriend and them getting amorous, until he got shot eventually. I found the dream sequence shallow though and lacking in indepth symbols as the subconscious use as language, so I answered maybe he got too engrossed with violent films that profited much on his fears. He replied, excitedly, that he had always wanted to be a movie director! Strange though, the thread got deleted from my list.

Then there's this question, "Are there any intelligent Americans left?", which was a poster's ranting about Bush signing the waterboarding (no, it's not a surfer's lingo) torture against Guantanamo prisoners.

I posted this reply, and I believe my equally pis_ed-off American e-friends at a politics chatroom I frequented will agree with me regarding their decadent fellows:

I consider an American to be pathetically lacking in humane intellect if he/she:

- relies too much on puppet corporate media for information

- thinks Bush is the best president

- worships a money god as hypocrties do for their greed

- votes for politicians with the agenda for continuing the WAR economy

-thinks he/she is better than the rest of humanity just because he/she sucks better

-abhors organic food over chemical lazed junk foods.

-points to Asia in the map when asked where his/her country is located

- concludes that waterboarding is a surfer's lingo because he/she didn't bother to look at a search engine.

Weird, but that controversial thread also got erased from the list.


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