19 November 2007

reply to science forum

I will be copy-pasting my reply here from my Rocket's Theories forum at my blogcatalog.com profile just in case it does another disappearing act like it did before:

From Urikalish: "Where to begin...? Maybe you can explain the fact that stars, planets and moons have gravity, but none of these have consciousness
p.s. The chicken-or-the-egg is not a real problem... Reptiles have eggs and preceded chickens, so the egg came first."

Now I have to repost my reply.
We can start with the last phrase I mentioned at my blog Consciousness is source of gravity:

'There is the core source of Gravity. To a profound degree Consciousness is within that core,the source of curvature, mass created by it,and gravity is the manifestation of the presence of Consciousness.'

Today's civilization and level of knowledge do not yet have a clear definition of what 'Consciousness' is, so it is wrong conclude that such and such do not have 'consciousness'. However, I would rather not that Consciousness be defined, but rather to be lived and experienced in this existence.

Basically, in this existence we presume of Consciousness with the concept of 'awareness'. However, in order to identify 'awareness' one must also consider the 'unawareness' for one cannot exist without the other. It is in this basic dual principle that one sees in every thing that we perceive and experience: light-dark, male-female, yin-yang, positive-negative that manifest the composition of physical existence,from the most basic subparticle and its eventual composition from a sand grain to planets and stars. I believe that this dual principle is what consitute the most basic core in order for this dimension to exist.

I postulate this with my 'rocket's philosophy':"The core of every thing, the planets, moons, stars, even us, are vortices" that operate with this Principle, and I will stand by my perspective.

As you may notice a planet does not behave like a paperweight as if its core were a heavyweight ball as theorized by conventional 'science'. Holistically speaking, a planet might ridiculously behave like a paperweight if it were 'unaware' of its core component as concluded by an 'unaware' earthling scientist. In this scenario, it is indeed not prudent to conclude that Mother Earth is not 'conscious'.

By the way, pardon for being blunt but they're just wasting their time looking for the illusionary 'graviton'.

Indeed seemingly simple question chicken-egg dilemma may be relative to one's level of awareness in answering the comllexity behind it. There was recent research however, that dinosaurs may have evolved from the feathery bird species.

I also have my version in answering the riddle: It's the egg, by a chicken from another dimension.

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