06 February 2008

dream car

This will be my dream car...a nice, compact, practical non-pollutant (whoopee!!) electric car that has no trace whatsoever of those egotistic, dumb sized obese, blasphemously ravenous fossil fuel guzzing SUV's.

Actually my dream car is a nice little spacedrive vehicle that will literally float in the air via magnetic propulsion. It utilizes the polarized ions in the air and virtually needs no gas that would surely threaten the greed oriented fossil fuel dependent kind of system this humanity is presently dragged into. I personally know my inventor friend somewhere in the European Union, but the minions of the dark side had been doing their means at keeping his inventions suppressed, even to the point of humiliating him.

Another concern with this alternative dream car of mine is that a Filipino invented it. Whether such situation is unfortunate or not remains to be seen. One thing is sure, another noble Filipino inventor before him also presented a device that makes a car run basically on water. He invented it many years ago and things had happened to him since then. The Philippine government (as what it usually does to local inventors) ignored his inventions and some institutions even ridiculed him, and he was even threatened to imprisonment. Fortunately the Japanese supported and protected him, so you need not be surprised how they were able to build a hybrid car that runs on water.

Perhaps the Japanese were just too dumb to support this guy to compare with those extremely smart Filipinos entrenched in their podiums, whom the inventor so pathetically failed to meet their standards (duh).

That's the problem with this country. Many talents abound in here, but so do envious jerks, and these detestable people make the lives of the former miserable. You can find these minions everywhere here, from the nosy stupid neighbor to a thick faced public official. It's an ugly trait known locally as 'utak talangka', which means 'crab mentality' referring to the usual habit of crabs dragging their fellows down with their pincers when these creatures are placed in a basket. There are many of them in this country, way too many.

If the inventor and his electric car would be dragged down similar to the way they treated the water fuel inventor, guess who the culprits behind it are.


Paz said...

Best wishes for getting that car! Remember that if you wait a little while, there will be many more models to choose from and prices will be better. Zap is coming out with the Zap-X, 0-60 mph in 4.8 seconds!

Ric Vil Hori said...

Thanks! I'm advocating for these kinds of technology even at chatrooms to make people aware that these do exist and the inventors were treated unfairly, like my friend.