12 July 2009

Mother Nature gave me a gift!

Today, Sunday, this afternoon after my illustration of a chick on a nest for our writers group's supplementary literary page was printed in a Davao newspaper, Mother Nature gave me a gift!

The awesome gift was just that, a newly fluttering chick I befriended that I perched right in my very hands! During those amazing, ethereal, infinite minutes, the chick allowed me to pick it up, it then flew somehow on my shoulder from which I perched it up again in my hands, and savored every second of these unforgettable moments!

We gazed at each other, me acting elated and overwhelmed, and it acting curious, and as the afternoon sky finally loomed overhead, my friend chick chirped excitedly as if to translate, "hey it's really gonna be late, and I really hav'ta go!" and off my little friend flew, as butterflies suddenly appeared and fluttered everywhere.

I'm gonna call my little feathery friend as Swswt! And haha, you have to whistle to pronounce it!

(I was listening to this music from a French internet radio station while blogging it, and even if I don't understand its lyrics, the language of music is universal and this did express the elation I felt during that awesome moment, so I decide to embed it too:)

Je te donne -Jean Jacques Goldman

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