18 December 2009

my amazing prediction about Davao being the so called "new Jerusalem"

This was actually my post on another
thread discussing about my blog 'Did ancient humanity originated from the foothills of Mt. Apo?!?

I have been contemplating....

based on my definitely unconventional research. in the ancient times when less advanced natives would definitely see the scientific technologies of today as "miracles" when transported to their space-time era, the ancient natives would then consider its highly advanced proponents as "gods," hence the creation of religions.

It was observed that, especially among ancient cities and locations, there existed grid patterns that correlate with each other such that these patterns would actually be 'visible' once viewed relative to the scope of the planet, or seen from above the heavens. Examples would be the ancient Sumerian cities, the alignment of Angkor Wat (highly considered to be the capital city of Sri-Vijayan empire in which our archipelago islands were once part of), Teotihuacan in Mexico and the pyramids of Egypt relative to star system Sirius, as well as the famous Nazca lines.

It would also be interesting to note that the huge platform in Jerusalem from where once stood Solomon's temple, and presently the Dome of the Rock, actually was very old and existed even before the biblical Hebrews invaded its original inhabitants. By definitely unconventional assumptions, this huge platform, in the same manner as the Ziggurats or pyramids had its own ancient mysterious functions, was said to be remnant of a (gasp) SPACEPORT!

The fame of Jerusalem may actually be due to its ancient importance as the SPACEPORT of the "gods' or Elohim!

There were rumors of Davao being the "new Jerusalem". in the light of my personal researches revealing the very important role of Davao that would definitely bring huge impact once revealed to the rest of Humanity (my research would definitely strengthen the Out of Sundaland theory as to the origin of Humanity), as well as certain, 'less mediocre' individuals such as amdg and others who saw the vision, and relative the coming future Technologies, this is my prediction:

I predict that in the coming brighter future, Davao, in the light of revelations from my personal quest as to its profound role in the hidden history of Humanity (that obviously the present mainstream pathetic colonial mentality-induced educational system in this country didn't do much part, yet) would be the next, not just internationaly, but interstellar and even intergalactic(!) Future cosmopolitan (there's more to what this means!) Capital of Humanity, its dubbing as the "new Jerusalem" by certain individuals would actually mean, in more understandable technological terms: our beloved Planet's NEW INTERGALACTIC SPACEPORT!

Yes! Yes! and lemme' predict it too, the spaceport may be practically located in, er, Sasa- Panacan area (chuckle)!

Remember that! And when it finally happens, remember who told you so, me!


Anonymous said...

What the f....are you thinking? Just having a good paranoia today...

Anonymous said...

A very nice intergalactic story. Maybe, copy and paste type coupled with personal insertion of phrases and sentences to make it appear his own work 100%. Hallucinating but somewhat confusing, maybe a burst of laughter of being a cuckoo head. Who knows what will happen in the future. Ask the goat maybe.