14 November 2014

pumpkin zombies LOL

Recalled back with this blogger's hypothesis (or isn't it a theory??) "Consciousness as source of Gravity" borne from discussion at a Physics chatroom (being a Physics enthusiast) that occurred year 2000, it had since then stirred waves from across the Physics Community. The Physics Community was never the same again after that.

Eventually, articles, books, peer reviews on Physics and Consciousness began to surface in the Science World by the mid 2000's. About a decade ago A Physics forum website from where this blogger posted many years back had its forumers discussing and eventually publishing a Physics book on Gravity and Consciousness. The Science forum website once had a rule that prohibited challenging Einstein's. This blogger inadvertently forgot the rule and by the time it got posted on a thread, it was too late and had already been discussed. The site administrator announced the temporary closure of the website, citing sponsorship withdrawal. Months later the website returned with new sponsorship. This blogger then checked on the forum rules that prohibited challenging Einstein's and found it deleted. The blogger's thread however, remained. Haha. A chatter who finally introduced himself as a Doctor-Physicist (a pleasant surprise), who turned out not just a scientist but does seminar for fellow scientists, expressed his thanks, curiously profusely, to this blogger in behalf of other chatters in the Science rooms being frequented. When asked, he recounted having able to befriend a brilliant individual who requested one-on-one seminar, turned he was the co-inventor of a lifesaving maneuver used Worldwide. After sharing this blogger's views shared at the Physics chat we frquented, to the co-inventor, the latter actually agreed and thus began a valuable friendship between them. Year 2014 and this civilization witnessed the rendition of what could be another Classic Sci-Fi masterpiece on its film industry, the movie Interstellar. The movie actually tackled the hypothesis (or theory??) in its plot.

However, after posting the hypothesis (or theory, duh) on a local Philippine social media page, there encountered amusingly arrogant, materialistic individuals but utterly ignorant of things BEYOND the material (with such products of a mainstream educational system, with due consideration to some dedicated teachers who were fellow seekers of Truth, makes one question what systematic manipulations had been committed to result such mediocrity in this part of the World). In our country such despicable attitudes are referred to as "utak talangka" or crab mentality (based on observation when crabs pull each other down in attempt to escape from a basket), the fugly green eyed monstrosity to pull down anything that stood against one's whimsy egotism, or arrogant ignorance. That got this blogger inspired to create this meme (also inspired from a popular alternative 80's music band "Smashing Pumpkins):



Anonymous said...

you moron ric the greek you tsup tsup maharlika king solomon

Anonymous said...

Not my comment but I copied it since I was sure that this guy "Rick Villafuerte" is going to delete it.

"Morbidly seeking attention by all means possible. Very notorious in using multiple accounts such as visionarylink, skyion, mahadlika. Had mutated as shotdapakap at the cities, places....subsection under philippine skyscrapercity forums just recently. Tasteless and lacking culture. At the end of the day though, we need a clown to entertain us."

Too bad for you, your previous actions are forever preserved on the web for all to see. Behold the ways of the prophet:


Well despite all this stuff about being "a citizen of the world", looks like the guy is really just your average Pinoy with a regionalistic mentality. Talk about hypocrisy.

Another relevant thread demonstrating why he feels this way with peer review:


Anonymous said...

"Another relevant thread demonstrating why he feels this way with peer review:


Wrong link. Here is the correct one:


Also, Smashing Pumpkins, while formed in the late 80's, were a 90's band actually. For someone who supposedly "stirred waves in the Physics community", to get such simple info wrong is, well, I see your "consciousness" was quite "mediocre" in divining that information.

Anonymous said...

It is long overdue to expose this nuance of being a degenerative internet troll. Exposing his hypocrisy and bigotry against a particular group of people is a must. Indeed, a person with no friends in real life.